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Well, the graphics wouldn't be too hard to do, i guess (i presume you ment something like the liquid dust animation?), but there are other things to consider... Is weather in md even connected to the seasons? Or is there more to it than that... -cough-lands,elements-cough-just guessing-cough- Edit: Other than that, so haiku, I like it! x)

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no he doesnt.

During winter there normally appears a "let it snow" button that triggers some javascript to make it "snow".

Other than that, i dont think there is any point wasting time on it. Find a script or edit this one and mail it to contact and let them add it, No real point wasting their time on it

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probably offtopic but Fyrd gave me an idea.

those weather spells... could add an environment bonus to the combat interface?
Rain slows down arrows - Archers do 20% damage less...
Sunny helps fire (i guess) - Drachorns 20% damage more (snow makes opposite effect... same as rain?)

you get the point anyway.
how possible it is? :)

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