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Recruitment Selection Stage 1

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Welcome to the first recruitment for Soldiers of The Inner Sun.
This will be a series of tests, unusual tests, where you intuition will matter the most (at first).
The ideology and in-realm purpose of sotis will be presented to you only if you are selected, so you will have a final word if you accept the invitation or not, in case you win this series of small contests.


Find me the countersymbol of this one:


There are multiple ways.
A minimum requirement would be to find a 4 part one, however a 3rd or even 2 part one are better. I doubt any of you can master a 1 part counter symbol so please do me a favor and don't try it.

I can see where you guessed and were you used your intuition. random guesses will make me consider you failed, even if you eventually hit the right answer.

It is mandatory that you make your edits on MY image, either by hand (then photo or scanned) or electronically in an image editor. However, hand lines tell much more than computer lines so if you use an image editor please be careful about the details. I will consider them part of what you tried to "say" and i won't care they are caused by the tool you used or brush settings.

if you get selected but cant join sotis because of other land loyalty issues ..you will still enjoy participating.

Good luck!

p.s. contest ends when i see lack of activity in this topic, so hurry or you might post too late. I anticipate 2-3 days at most.

Counter symbol means:
a symbol or a series of shapes that cancel the current shapes. it is an intuitive thing hard to explain, either you feel it or you don't, reason will be useless if you can't cancel this simple one. The tehnical details will come with future more complex ones, but this one you should try to feel it.

Some simple clues on what counter-symbols should be like in relation to the initial symbol: break it, close it, reverse meaning, compensate balance, shift gravity point

but honestly, if the simple word "counter-symbol" doesn't mean anything to you you will probably fail in fiding one.

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Well I guess I will keep it as simple as possible. Since he is looking for activity it only makes sense I show it here. And apparently explaining wont help so I wont bother.


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I did this because i thought of how there were two parts to the symbol

The circle is one part that symbolizes something and the two lines jutting from the circle symbolize something completely different.

So I simply cancelled out the two parts of the symbol with horizontal lines to cancel out the entire thing.

I hope that my logic makes sense. But the image should clear anything up.

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Hmmmm... this was the first thing to come to mind.

EDIT: I just realized that I made a NOT logic gate symbol...

ADDITIONAL EDIT: After thinking about it some more, this second one might be a better option. The horizontal line length and vertical position is like that purposefully.

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A counter symbol is about identifying what are the eliments within a symbol that have meaning (ie each individual part), what that meaning is, and then creating the symbol that cancels that meaning (what cancels it isn't necessarily its opposite in form or meaning)

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