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Christmas presents bug

The Great Pashweetie

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Well lately there have been many reports (current count 7, also seems that only mp5's get the bug...) of not having the requirements to get their presents... and although i have not experienced this, i wanted to post the topic for the few unlucky souls that did not get their presents from mur! Does anyone have an idea for them to get their presents? Eyewitness:
apophys: When I clicked the tree, a red gift popped up.
apophys: when I click the gift, I get:
apophys: Error: SyntaxError Err description: undefined Err number: undefined Err message: missing ; before statement Ajax response: You do not meet the requirements for receiving a gift this year.

This message was recieved on first attempt to grab a red present under the tree. Although apophys may have been caught "alting for presents" or something else... thus has happened to several other people and experience tells me that this may not be purposfully... apophys claims he did not make any alt accounts for more benefit of the christmas season... will you guys help us two(update 5 peps) out?

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[2010-12-24 23:25:09 - Stage 10]
Chirstmas GIFTS...or not..or are they? hey who got the windy? :)
Well, it seems this is already a well established Christmas Tradition in MD that for every single time with this occasion there was some sort of problem with the gifts, one way or the other. So don't get scared, its how things seem to work around here, regardless of me or others trying to make them right :)

So, you should know that gifts were released a bit earlier, without the NEW restrictions. Today they were applied and you should know that now there is a activity requirement in order to get the gifts. IT IS NOT A BUG. Check you activity rating (total number of active days over max of your accoun, in profile page). This was done unannounced, in order to prevent alts from "harvesting" xmas gifts.

You know i don't like such things. The only reason multiple accounts are allowed is to allow multiple characters that actually play different roles and personalities. Any alt abuse to gain advantages in such desperate and rude way will cause unpleasant actions towards your main.

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