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Security Letters Not Recognized


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Well today after six unsuccessful attempts to enter the correct security code, I got the following:


luckily that let me slip right in :P


PS I just had to share this since one of the earlier security codes was NO and it didn't accept it.

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sometimes the letters manage to work together to form other letters, its only after you work out what each letter looks like then is it easier to work it out.

For example the "N" the left vertical line is VERY thin, almost invisible on some backgrounds and in some colors. If its tilted it looks similar to the V

But it wont be removed as you dont want naughty people using scripts :))

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[quote name='Rendril' timestamp='1294298197' post='76937']
The captcha was stripped down a lot to make it more readable, would it help if the letters were bigger?

LOL The capcha which finally let me in was:


and when I got that I slipped right in.


PS. For those of you who still don't get it,
KY jelly is a medical lubricant used for digital
rectal exams and often used as a sexual lubricant
as well.

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I've had that problem with the security code too, but I think it's mostly me misreading it. It's not really supposed to be too obvious, after all, it's a security code.

But you know, lube always does the job.

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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]I have trouble with the font of the letters especially S and 8. I've had to refresh it several times to get ones that I can read. Even then I get the message that Cutler did, which forces to repeat the process. Funny thing is ky does eventually come up and works :))


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Due to the nature of the letters, K; Y; H; 9; J; X; Z; M; and W tend to be the easiest to read. All the rest tend to be a bit confusing on occasions, with O and 0 being the worst offenders :P

A lot of these sort of captcha/barcoding systems only use certain letters/numbers from each pair. For example, since S and 5 can look extremely similar, it might only use one of them. And so on with all the other similar ones (1/I, 0/O, B/E/3, R/P, etc)

The problem we have is that this system doesn't appear to use such exclusions, as well as having thin letters that allow parts to fade into the background (making recognition even worse).

Still, I think 15 seconds of code refreshing is a fair price to pay to keep bots out, so I don't see a problem :P

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