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Orvid - MP3 money/trade storage


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I also heard Orvid is a friend of IAB. I think it would've been more fair to ask IAB himself first.

(FTR this is not me stating anything as the truth because i'm not certain)

Just asked Orvid himself about it. He said he isn't. (i can hardly believe i'm even commenting on a thread about alt abuse) :P

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[quote name='Darigan' timestamp='1294782402' post='77308']
Actually I think Orivid is a friend of IAB's not IAB himself, though I could be wrong.

That's what Orvid stated after people in the park asked him which alt he is, thus he said that he's friend of IAB, and he helped him to catch the game faster.

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No, alts are to be used independently of other accounts played by the same person. The less interaction, of any sort, between same owner accounts the better, and is so advised (That includes knowledge sharing).

Take some time to ask the person, or ask around those you know, before you come to rash assumptions next time. Nobody likes being accused of something they're innocent of. (As a note, even when a person is guilty, you should still ask around first)

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