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WP Codes for quests


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Not sure if this is the best place for it, but here goes.
I've always donated WP codes for quests run by people in the archives. While the kings get WPs for the benefit of their lands, I feel its important to give some to the running of quests from lands with no monarch. Given that Loreroot citizens can potentially win or have fun participating in these quests, I feel that it holds true to benefiting the land and happily MD in general.
To this end, I'd like to do something different this year. Rather than people approaching me piecemeal, I'd prefer to give small bundles to WP codes to someone in charge that can then use them as quests arise.
So, could someone in the archives land be appointed for this task? Basically, I give them the WP codes and the rest of the archives folk see them about the WP codes for the quests they are running.
Not to put words into the other king's mouths, but if they did the same, it would give the archives a nice little pot of WP codes. Anyway, this is just my thoughts and preference on the matter and I may change it later on.
To be clear though. I will give a very small pot of WP codes. If these are used up I may give some more out. I just don't want to give a load and find out they go unused.

My decision for taking this approach is to give greater clarity to quest runners. It will be easier for ye to see if you can access Wp codes for use as rewards and speed things up. Thats my hope at any rate.

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  • Root Admin

So basicly you are trying to give someone a position over all archives to distribute Wishpoints, Just like a king...

I wouldnt say there is any clear candidate apart from Innocence, Or someone who is trustworthy and most "influential" in the Archives, i would have thought the previous system would have worked better... Considering there is no ruler of archives, nor is there ever likely to be.

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If you do decide to follow through, I think the possible candidates would be:

a. Master Archivist-- obvious.
b. Fyrd Argentus-- for he is leader of LS.
c. Innocence-- they are an archie, and therefore in charge of who becomes M.A.
d. Myself-- the other active member of LS.

Here are your choices.
I cannot speak for anyone but myself. I would have stated Rendril, for he is another Archie, but I figured because he is busy with coding, he would not bother.

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Currently there is no Master Archivist for the MDA, so I would suggest the Alliance leaders, either Fyrd Argentus, or Innocence.

Since the Archivists is the main alliance of the land, I'd suggest asking Innocence about it first.

It will certainly be interesting to see the results of this initiative, Firsanthalas.

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[quote]So basicly you are trying to give someone a position over all archives to distribute Wishpoints, Just like a king...[/quote]

No Chewy, that isn't my intention here at all. I am not trying to create some kind of defacto king of the Archives. I'm simply asking for a trustworthy and competent person to hold some WP codes for people in the Archive lands to be able to liase with. I see no reason why it needs to be the same person all the time either. My point is that if they feel that they have a set number of WPs (at least for a period of time) then they can plan and organise quests and events better. I am trying to make life easier, not more complicated. That's all.

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I like this idea to be honest.

But it does have a few issues. More so because you also have NML and the UG
each land does not have king or a body really to be granted the same.

Ok yes it could be argues UG has a leader. But that aside and let look at this properly.

In the past there were many complaints that a none ruled land does not get any WP.
The kings were asked to donate WP's in most cases we did.

What Firs proposes here is really a good thing. It lets an alliance that is suppose to be watching the land
have the chance to get WP's to give out for good quests of non land citizens. I dont see were one would think
this will create a ruling body in the archives. If anything it give the archives some value.

This system could work well as you could say IF the archives do the job they are suppose to be doing this
is the currency they work with. Get WP's from king to keep good records of what there lands have been doing.
So i dont see the issue or how one could even remotely think someone was trying to create a king/leader of the archives.
if anything it is more of a temp treasurer.

From my stand point i too as a king would be happy to help and donate WP's to this idea.

( JOKE: But be aware I have been called a king maker before :P)

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[quote name='Yrthilian' timestamp='1295618144' post='77806']
I like this idea to be honest.

But it does have a few issues. More so because you also have NML and the UG
each land does not have king or a body really to be granted the same.
So? Right now not everybody is equal when it comes to WP codes. In Firs' proposal there will be, in the worst case, the same maximal 'distance' between people. That is not exactly an argument against the proposal imo. It could be argued that since less non-Loreroot people will bother Firsanthalas, he will be able to provide a better service to those that still need it.

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I would happily take the responsibility of handling a few codes for the MDA land, and in fact have a few from MB already. As winner of the best 2010 quest, I think I can judge what a good use of wp's is. I do log and check mail at least daily.

On the down side, I can think of only 4 active MDA folk (plus Kyphis? - not sure of his intent). Rendril and Innocence don't seem to create quests (they do other things), so it's just me and Curi on Story Night using them.

Or was the intent for this focus person to give wp codes to anybody qualified?

"I have a dream...." of recruiting more quest makers for Legend Speakers. The unanswerable question on my mind is - would having a wp pool help in that recruitment?

At any rate, I would be happy to assist any king in handing out codes/prizes per their specific instructions.

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