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MD Birthday Team Formation

Fyrd Argentus

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Announcing here the formation of a second formal team, per Mur's link about the Birthday Contest Teams. SOMEBODY has to oppose the minions of the Bunny Kingdom, and it's going to be US. If you were forming up a similar team and want to discuss a merger, or simply needed a team to join for this worthy cause, please get in touch with any of the team members:

These folks are on the challenge creation committee (limited to 20) and will also compete on the Bunny Challenges:

Fyrd Argentus
Mighty Pirate
display name (aksjfhdasf)
Rhaegar Targaryen
Prince Marvolo

and growing!

The following will compete on the team, and help play-test - Please let me know if you want to be involved on the challenge creation committee actually creating the challenges. The latter group is limited to 20.

[s]Orvid[/s] - alleged alt, Mur has rules against.
Passant the Weak - requests to be riddle tester
The Warrior
xrieg ------------ assign discrete small tasks
Mith ------------- whatever
Sasha Lilles
Eon -------------- solver
Luke27 ----------- tester
Blade Kuroda
Yala Sviseusen

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I have applied to be in the Strong team, yet I have no idea what the strong team is.

If you feel that this is the strong team and don't mind seeing it weakened, then pick me in your team Sir Fyrd Argentus.


[b]EDIT[/b]: Detailed application

I might be off during the event (I have holidays scheduled around that time but no confirmation of the exact date yet). Therefore I would happily try to contribute before the event starts. My best position would be a kind of[b] Riddle tester[/b], if you need some.

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(long and really boring application form fully filled)

Please assign me any task that needs completing; preferences in order creation, solving, testing. However, I cannot be fully active more than 1.5-2.5h/day - so if the job would require more activity, you may prefer to find more worthy assets (hence my reluctance in signing up for the creation team so far)

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[quote name='xrieg' timestamp='1298373356' post='79303']
(long and really boring application form fully filled)
Hitching a ride on xrieg's application because I am THAT lazy.
(saving all my energy for killin' bunnehs!)

I would like to compete and be willing to test and do any tedious grunt work needed to prepare to annihilate any evil bunnies.

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Count me in on this side :D

Edit: I'll be a solver and a tester. The people I hang out with (in RL) love to solve puzzles, and I'm sure they'd like to help in the testing process :D And anything else that needs to be done I'll do to the best of my ability. I'm a hard worker ;)

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Okay, for security and organization reasons, and because of the message-thread limitations, there will be 20 members of this team on the challenge-creation committee. We have 10 now, and enough applications to fill the committee. We also wish to avoid any ongoing antagonisms with existing committee members to get a smooth working group.

Everybody who wants to be on the anti-bunny team to compete is welcome. We will also possibly draw play-testers from the larger group as well.

Please go back and amend your application post as to your interest in simply competing, as opposed to being on the challenge-creation committee.

It would be good to also organize the competition solvers teams a bit - anybody wish to voluteer to add some leadership initiative to the solvers group?

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