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xrieg's avy attempts

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I wanted to share my first attempts of avy drawings. Images presented here are either accepted - or seem to have chance to; will appreciate all comments :-). Some of avys below are MD Store; for those I added a watermark and mention it in image description. If the avy is not described otherwise, feel free to buy them from me - send me an offer (this thread is for avy drawing commentary; PMs preferred)

Accepted avys:

[attachment=2639:c_ avy002.gif] My own avy :-) [not for sale]
[attachment=2637:c_avy005.gif] Braveheart
[attachment=2640:c_avy014.gif] Vampire [MD Store]
[attachment=2641:c_avy015.gif] Archer [MD Store]
[attachment=2642:c_avy013.gif] Demon
[attachment=2643:c_avy016.gif] Fisherman [MD Store]
[attachment=2692:c_avy018.gif] Lady
Work in progress:
[log='A Rather Nude avatar'][attachment=2638:c_avy012.gif] Medusa. Rejected as 'Too...naked..' :-)) Give me some suggestions how to cover it as I like it pretty much... Underwear on a demon would look.. interesting :-P Tail or 'hair' - would look much worse[/log]

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[quote name='Vicarious' timestamp='1299544854' post='80328']
Hmmm, doesn't Peace's avy have nipples/is naked?

Peace's Nipples are actually... "golded" out, to speak. All that is seen, is the shape of the breast with no actual nipple view. Supposedly, it is acceptable in women to show the entirety of the breast without showping te nipple. If there is a nipple shot, then it is then considered full nudity.

Some people don't consider the showing of the buttocks as nudity, either, as is the case of Ectremere's Avy.

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