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Max Action Points


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After doing a 24 hour wait, one of the stat increases shows Max Action Points +38 and a little farther down Action Points +38. After continuing on and refreshing my browser I am sitting at 100/100 action points. Should I be able to have more than 100 max action points or was that a bug? Should that have been some other stat increase?

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I believe a newbie once contacted me because he was confused. I was confused, too, because I didn't know that there were max ap bonuses from story (never paid much attention going through it n_n;). If the max cap isn't going soon, I'd hope at least the words could be corrected so confusion is limited.

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The same thing happened to me but I assumed there was a cap.

On a similar note...It would be nice to have higher ap, you could play for longer. With the exception of alliance members there would not be a huge advantage given to players with more ap, just a lot more playing.

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So: once in a while some events trigger a thing that will give you more AP or Honor than the maximum. This last only until the counter resets. So no worries. It's not a bug. It's normal behavior.

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It's not a bug, but the words are confusing, you know? Newbies like the one who asked me think at first that their "max ap" should be raised, and that it is a bug.

Yes, that is true now that I think back.

I remember receiving max AP several times and saw them added to my point, but they always reset. I guess I forgot about it because I always just read the story, picked the time (24) and left. However, I am stuck at 100/100. If the AP are never supposed to rise above 100, the text needs to be changed. I definitely assumed it was added to my max total, as I am sure did plenty of others.

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