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Farewell for now..

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As some of my adepts and acquaintances have noticed > I haven't been very active lately <

The reason for me not waking up in our wonderful and creative realm is that..
1 I haven't had the time
2 I haven't had the will

I honostly just didn't want to. I'm not saying I'm not interested in MD at all anymore it's just that my interest is becoming smaller and smaller each time I come on.

A similar thing happened about a year ago when I lost my interest in MD. I thought I was quitting and it turned out that I was just going on haitus for half a year. Hopefully someday I'll come back to MD as an active and contributing member. I'll be checking on MD every now and again until I lose my interest (I'm being very blunt with this, sorry) and in the time that I'm not in MD at all perhaps I'll be curious and wake up in the realm again with new interests and as a new person (behind the screen of course :P) <- Yes, pretty much what happened last time I "quit"

To my adepts and worshipers:
I ask that you break your official ties with me and find new mentors and protectors. Amoran and BFH are very suitable and worthy mp6s.

Farewell MD I wish all of you the best and I cherish the relations I had with everyone I had the pleasure of meeting. Keep being top notch.

^(This will probably be edited for grammar, revision, and lack of soulfulness later)

Edited by adiomino
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Thanks for everything Adi. It's been a pleasure. You should know there's a stray puppy that runs around my neighborhood and I call him Adiomino. :D

(Side question: Adi is my protector. If he loses protector status, will that automatically change on my account, or do I have to specifically choose "abandon protector"? If it remains, can I still donate heat?)

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It is sad to hear that you are leaving, even if it may be only for a short time. I feel honoured that I was able to take part in things with you, and hope that you realise we will all be here for you when you decide to come back.
Have a fun time and don't let college or work put stress on you!

Lots of Love

~Sasha Lilias~(and Co.)<---- Quoted from Zleip :P

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