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Didn't get the credit email


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I got the email for an alt (and didn't use it), but I didn't get it for my main. I was waiting to see if someone else would start a similar topic, but it seems that not...

I suspect it's a problem with my email provider, because I've had emails go missing before. >:[

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Check your spam folders.

4 of my 7 "peasants" got it - not sure what they'll do with that now that I can do clickies - but the other three had expired yahoo e-mail accounts (4 months inactive) and so they did not receive the MD e-mails.

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I have one spam folder; it's not there. I get very little spam, so it's easy to check.
It may be blocking some suspected spam mail entirely, but I have searched the email settings and have not found any set blocking ability.

I don't get/send mail very much, so there may have been a period in which it was unused for 4 months... The email account is yahoo. I know the email account is not dead though; it does work.
I get forum PM notifications to the same email that I registered to, btw.

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are you sure the email account is tied to your magicduel one? I got numerous emails from many different accounts from MD. try recovering your password and see if you get an email then.

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