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Sacrafice alters are common, each land has one.
Everyone knows that, either you sacrafice them and take on thier lifeforce, gaining powers from it, or that some being takes the lifeforce and bestows a blessing on you. in either case, What of the remains? Devoid of life they remain, slowly, over time broken down to be obsorbed by nature.

Stage one: flesh golem.

Gathered from the remains surounding the alters, these creatures are no more than a mass of random parts peiced together in a semi humanoid shape and given life by an unknown entity.

Stage two: Shambling mound.

As the battles grow longer, So to does the damage mount up, instincts rise and force it to seek out new parts, growing more grotesque, but also more dangerous.

Stage three: Abhorition

Carefull fostering of it's instinct have driven this creature beyond simple repair. It now activly seeks out new parts, attacking multiple creatures at once to gain them.

Stage four: Abomination

Shape has lost meaning, parts mesh in ways never intended to form something deadlier than any of the indevidual parts.
Now able to lash out at all your enemies at once, it fights for you, living for nothing else but the animilistic thrill it gets from battle.

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Piece of advice: Learn about altars before you post a creature connected to them.

And another: A short description doesn't make a creature. Abilites/auras, targets, stats, level requirements... this creature doesn't have those?

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This is the format in which a new creature should be posted: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4751-new-creatures/page__pid__60760#entry60760 you only need to add mp requirements somewhere.

A creature made of body parts from other creatures might be intresting.

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