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Food and medicine

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When the design is complete for the community garden, we will dig in the earth and sow seed and cultivate plants to generate abundance from the living world.

I would like to grow food and medicine items that can be harvested and used for some purpose.

I have some ideas of how usable food and medicine items could work.

One possibility could be a slight decrease in the regen timer and/or an increase in VE, AP, and/or EP.

I know many games have food built into the system where you must eat to maintain energy and it is not always so fun. We already have free credits, which must be consumed everyday ;)

Some games use food or medicine items as systems for healing life and/or energy.

It would be nice to find a way to make it something useful that can have some small benefit when used appropriately, that would make it worth the while to acquire food items and give them some economic value. I think it would be reasonable for food and medicines in their native state to go foul after a period of time, and they cannot be horded.

I think it would also be valuable take native food and medicine items and use them as ingredients to make more effective or different or longer storing mixed items.

Surely there are many ways in which food and medicine items could add a layer to MagicDuel and interact with other layers, without upsetting them.

We could see different items harvested at different times and in varying quantities.

I'd be interested to hear some other ideas.

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If you placed numerical limits on the item type (for example, 4 food/medicine class items) it helps to prevent hoarding. Having special tools required to harvest the items in the first place (like the other guilds) would also help to give it economic value. If the original harvested items are useless and require basic combination to give the items effect it would be interesting. More powerful combinations might require rarer tools, or potentially you could talk to the crafters and get an upper level combination crafter assigned (although that can only be assigned by Mur, from my understand. The current crafters would just be able to advise you in trying to get such a thing instated)

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I think some numerical limits would need to be set in order to give the items value. It would be odd to have a harvest and come up with just four tomatoes or four carrots. What could make sense would be that all harvests are done by the basketload. A tomato harvest might yield four baskets of tomatoes. For single use items, this might also be odd, but for crafting combinations it would make sense.

I also agree that special tools would be appropriate, like a harvesting knife or sickle. Similarly, a medicine crafting kit or a canning kit for making useful combinations. If we were making combinations using such kits, I could imagine there would be other items required, such as glass jars for a canning kit or glass vials for a medicine kit.

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I stumbled upon this section about water handling in the alliances forum


I think using water as a harvestable ingredient to grow the garden to create harvestable food and medicine would expand the system in a neat way. It is interesting to me that Mur expected gardeners wanting water more than half a year ago when he posted this message.

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