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Attack time bug

Mighty Pirate

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I noticed several times that it was possible to attack in a lower time frame than the normal ones, e.g. attacking the same player twice within 3 minutes. I can reproduce this and think this is a bug.

I can give more details if needed. Of course I will not give more details here :P

[2010-11-24 14:15:09 - Stage 10]
Attack times reduced
: - Against alliance from 25 to 12 min
- Against NPC from 4 to 2 min
- Against non ally players from 8 to 4 min

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Mur knows, that is a big part of the bug that CrazyMike, MRI, MRAlyon, a, and lone wolf pup got banned for abuseing

Might still be worth sending your data on though, since I don't believe it is fully tested yet (still a few things I am trying it out with, myself)

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[font="Book Antiqua"][color="#696969"]hm...how do you know that Kyphis?
I found a bug that allowed that and it had nothing to do with what CrazyMike, MRI, MRAlyon, a or anyone else was doing...
ofc, I reported it long time ago. (and it got fixed)
This time it might be again something different.

Pirate, I'd advice you to contact the staff to confirm if it's the same issue or something new.

btw Kyphis, you said "since I don't believe it is fully tested yet", I believe those jailed have tested it as much as they could ;)[/color][/font]

[color="#696969"][size="1"]edit: added the note in the brackets[/size][/color]

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@Shem, but the fact they didn't state they were testing, or (according to announce) didn't submit reports of testing, then there's no testing info about it

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