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A simple request/suggestion

Dominus Lux

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I have been here for a little while now, and I am absolutely loving the game. Lately I have tried to get some of my friends to start a profile on here so they can play also. I had a few takers, however, I had two people turn away from the game very early on because the "basic spelling errors" annoyed them to no end.
I noticed a few of them when I started, but that type of thing doesn't normally bother me, so I simply ignored it. But now that I see it is actually turning people away from the game, while not a [i]terribly[/i] serious one, I think this is a problem that should be looked into.

I'm still reasonably new here, so I'm not entirely sure who this should be directed to, so I'm kinda just putting it out here for anyone.

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It has been said Many, MANY times on the forum:

1. The creator is Romanian. His English is better than most who even speak the language, but he does have spelling errors.
2. Grido is doing a one man job in correcting errors. There is a thread in which you can c/p all misspellings for Grido to fix when he can.

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I've looked at all the errors reported to me, but I haven't looked at all the errors in game yet - I know because there's some errors I'm fully aware I haven't fixed yet

If you look at the thread, in the Translations section of the forum (near the bottom), then there's an English thread, where I detail where I'm unable to edit, I do try and change this on several areas every now and then - the more that a certain area is complained about (to me) the more chance I'm likely to be able to edit it later.

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