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Item Scripting locked to first user


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  • Root Admin

[quote]You can edit items in general but this item already has its assigned owner. Only Muratus del Mur (ID:1028) can edit this item.[/quote]

Currently, the first person to "use" a usable item becomes the sole owner and editor of an item. This causes issues when, for example here, someone previously has also got the item editing ability, and "bound" it to them. Then, when you aquire the item, and wish to code on it, you cannot because they "own" the scripting rights.

But, on the other hand, you dont want to give the item as a quest, and give them the ability to see all the code.

Here i suggest being able to "lock" an item script. This would mean that no one could edit the item except the owner, and it could be toggled. This would mean that you can hand items around for quests and such, and also have the ability to trade items and give others the scripting rights.

This would solve issues where you gain an item specifically for scripting it, and find out you cant because someone else have pressed "use" Before.

I believe this would be the best way to solve this current issue, Comments?

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  • Root Admin

what about a service to reset owner for an automated payment of one silver? I am thinking many items might end up given away by their owners or recovered when an account is deleted for inactivity and then what you describe can't happen. To avoid seeing the source for one silver, in case of quests, the item script can be removed on reset.

Alternatively this can be done as player roles, i can dispatch a series of lets say 20 items with the power to do that and eventualy market will settle and each person with such ability will ask his own price for the service, do it for free, or simply vanish due to inactivity.

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  • Root Admin

as a role would be intresting, But i dont think it should cost that much gold, considering some people will have spent a lot to get scripting, and having to pay more to remove the usability...

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If it were me, I would certainly wipe an item for, at the most, a trivial 1 silver. How much effort would it really take to do? Honestly, I'd feel as if I were cheating people if I charged any more, especially if the item were going to be used for a quest. Honestly, I'd pay to see more quests, forget profiting >>

Edit: Also considering the rarity of item trading, it costs a decent-sized pile of coins to GET an item, generally, forcing someone to pay even MORE to use something that belongs to them? No thanks, I'm no evil taxman <<

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MD does need an outlet for the coins though, and see it that way- once reset, the new coder will be locked on again. I don't see 1gold as too much of a price to enable you to use your item again. Pricey, yes...I'd however put 1g and hope Mur actually do adds a few useful features for items, then it would be balanced again.

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