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Tribunal Transportation

lone wolf pup

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"A trading center for creatures, items, drawings, avatars, services, etc"

Selling services!

Transporting people through Tribunals.

Edit: need a bit of help on fixing things around if anyone would like to help with my post ><

Forum PM or player pm to find out the requirements.

Lone Wolf

Cost: 1 sc per person and a sc to be splitted among

Contact: Forum PM or post or player PM one of the members of the server time/day and which requirements met.

Note to self, ask to change Title to AP Express later on.

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[quote name='lone wolf pup' timestamp='1307064352' post='85637']
Edit:@fyrd, not sure if theirs others just reserving the idea and spot for myself! >>

Just because you have posted saying you have had the idea, considering there isnt even a proper description of what you do, anyone else could set up a similar thing. Anyway, competition makes businesses do well.

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