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King's Court Alpha


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Jester has agreed to hold a King's Court, or, for him, a "Jester's Court" alpha version at June 9, Day 159, 1:00 Server Time. The location will be in front of Necrovion Gate.

What is planned so far is the following:
Quest sponsorhips
Information Discussions.

Based on the turn out of this Alpha version, more ideas will be presented including tweaks and further commentary on how things have gone. Things do not have to go in the order presented, but would be announced at the King's Leisure when each segment shall begin.

All are welcome, and are asked to be in a courteous manner throughout.

Thank you, and hope to see you then.

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  • Root Admin

I believe curiouse stated she wanted any issues with the current event, as this is a trial, i am merely stating an issue that i have with the current plan, in a hope to try and make the eventual Kings council function easier for

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first lol jester love the sig

Well i am back from being away and had a long think of this idea.
So if you are around Curiose we can talk and set a date and time
for a trial run. I have a few ideas that i would like to run by you
with regards the setup :D

so i finally agree to work with this idea and i get neg rep for it????

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Ok after speaking with Curiose

I am going to have a Meet and Greet at Golemus Gate on Sunday 10th (sorry it is short notice)
I will be there from around 20:30 Server time I think is a time for most players to be about.
If i am wrong let me know and i will work to the best time i can.

So the idea would be
- People can bring there issues of my land to me
- People may suggest topic to talk about
- Players can ask me any question i will answer to the best i can But if it is secret i may not answer the question or i may PM directly.

It will need to be organised questions so we will try to keep 1 question per person so all get a chance to ask.
If everyone gets to ask and there is still time you may ask more question I just want this to be a fair and useful meeting.

It will be done as per the sections above.
So you have a change to ask 2 questions and talk about a subject i choose from what is suggested.
I would like this to also be a gathering of people whom can share their ideas based on the subject at the time.

King Of Golemus
Golemus Technomage

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