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we all know Facebook is the most used social networking service worldwide, and seems almost all of us MD players have accounts there. i am not sure if there is already a suggestion about this, but let me share what i have in my mind.

how about having the FB share button in-game, like for example, at every players's battle logs. so there will be an [i]option[/i] for us if we want or not to [b]share[/b] [i](with a touch of bragging)[/i] on our walls that we won a fight, or whatsoever. well, not all details should be displayed there, of course; can be something like to shout that he got a VICTORY from defeating this player. other things that a share button could possibly be placed can be on creature pages when one successfully upgrades a creature, but only the creature name can be "shared", no other infos. and there are more other interfaces that powerful button can be placed, and will depend on our MD staffs's choices (or the players's choices) where they want it.

for me, the main idea of having an FB share button is for us to contribute for MD's exposure; sharing some of our (MD) activities to our FB friends can help on the game's advertisement, i strongly believe. it can be a spam.. on FB, but not on MD. and if ever the button will be implemented, we are not really required to "share", and it is up to us if we want to help MD attract future players.

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Ok that could be a good idea with some adjustments.

As you said the Spam aspect is what really make me think it twice.

I'll keep this idea in mind and try to adjust it and maybe implement it :D

Thanks for suggesting it.

Remember I'm open to any other suggestions :D

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I, for one, would not use the "Like" button.

My circle of friends don't really care about things like MD, or MMORPGs in the slightest. Which is fine, and that's the whole point of the "Like" button. It's basically free advertising on FB. I don't have ANY plans of using my FB account to advertise MD. Sorry, but MD is a private game for me.

I think liking the MD FB page is enough. We don't need to start liking Mood Panel posts, Announcements or anything of that sort...

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