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Hi, my name is God, 45y old male from Ro

Muratus del Mur

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finally I have proof! God exists, he is Romanian, a bit bald, a little fat, about 1,60m tall and he was spotted about an hour ago in a train somewhere west while he was fighting satan himself. 

If you didnt notice the funny part of this yet, repeat after me .."ha", "ha ha".

Now what is this all about? I am traveling randomly across the country, the train is a beautiful place to rest your mind. Traveling without a purpose or destination is my ideal state of mind :D. I usualy end up in strange places or meet weird people when i do that.

Once I met a lady that she insisted she was saint and that she was speaking with the vergin mary on a daily basis, how awesome is that. I think she had her phone number too. Oh and I forgot to mention she was a nun.. dressed in a green nun outfit. I wonder where she got a green outfit. But the truth is, i have to admit, she  was one of the most "glowing" person I ever saw, too bad her brain was so messed up. (If you don't understand what i mean by glowing, no problem :) )

Today, I met God himself, more or less ..he was quite uncertain about his name, sometimes refered to himself as Savaot (look for Sabaoth on google, very interesting), but sometimes as some name with merf/mafab something i couldn't understand. The guy, that was quite human and badly mentally deranged, in case you didn't realised yet, was speaking with his imaginary enemy, quite agressively. I always wished to have a chance to see what is inside the mind of such a person, so, i made an experiment. I treated him as decent as possible without moking him or making bad jokes. Even if now i present it as a funny experience, it is a very sad thing. It goes even more sad  when you go deeper down the path and see the torment in his mind. It is nothing to laugh about the person, nothing to judge, his intentions were good, he just wanted to save the universe he created from an evil dragon/demon ("balaur" in romanian is like a multi headed dragon). I promised him to keep the demons name secret and I intend to do so even if its just about an imaginary figure in a madmans head it is still my word. The few hours we stood in the same train compartment I had the unique opportunity to listen to his story in full, disvuss with him as if he was a sane, fully function man, ignoring for the moment the strangeness of his tale and the obvious mental insanity.

I told him directly that his behaviour isn't quite standard, to avoid worse words, but i am seriously interested to listen to what he has to say. I was shocked of his reply. He told me to wait a few minutes so he can calm down, so in a few minutes he continued...

I will use his exact wording (transled as best as i could), because some things are quite interesting. 

He claims the world we live in was just one in a million billions worlds he (sabaot) created to destroy this ~balaur" he fights. Each world drags the 'balaur' down from his true form and forces him to be represented in the material world so he can destroy him. The final trap is to cath him between two flat universes. FLAT universes.... i considered it interesting so I asked him how else can the universe be if not flat (played stupid). He answered it is made of "four", we see "three". Since I am currently writing about 2-4-8 fold universe model you might think I altered what this guy said to fit my theories, not at all. The flat universe, he said, is made of ~2~ but can exist only 2 and 2, paired. When I heared numbers and such , my brain immediately started all its engines and i was prepared to go wild talking about the subject...but I almost forgot he was just mad and really couldn't detail much of what he said.  I asked him if he is figthing this enemy for a long time, and he told me it was "now", as if it was yesterday ..but mentioned year 1989. In that year the revolution against communism in Romania started in that area (Timisoara) so probably some tragic event marked him back then...but I am not his shrink, so I didn't asked about details of what might have happend in his personal life. He was convinced anyway that he saved human kind back then, preventing this demon to unite with his forms in the other universes. 

So..in case you lost track of who did what..here is a summary: This guy, aka God on a train, diluted this ~pure evil non-being" as he called it, over a million billion worlds to make it less powerfull so it can be destroyed. He tried ~static sunrais~ (cool concept for a fantasy movie, admit it) but it was uneffective, so now he plans to use two flat universes to trap him.

I must make a remark here, the way seals to trap demons were made, the two circles used to close a seal, has _VERY_ much to do with something that could be described as "two flat universes~, each circle being a symbol for a flat universe in 4 points. But back to his insanity, it gets more interesting.

The problem when talking to him is that I never understood why he was calling himself savaot , but moments later his other personality was cursing savaot , same name, for taking credit for the world the (the man) built. It was confusingand he was not very helpfull in explaining this blatant logic conflict... but nevermind, lets go on as it is :D 
I guess..only ~god~ can be as powerful as ~god~ so both him and his arch enemy woud have to be one and the same for his mind to work through his insanity barrier.

I asked him, wht would be so wrong to leave human kind to be destroyed by that demon. I always wanted to ask that to someone that wants to "save the world" ...WHAT FOR? 
He freaked out, ofc, but also gave me a very cool description of why the world should be saved. Honestly, it is the best reason i heared so far. He claims that this demon is incomplete, he would integrate in his own being all the humans he could, but they would be mixed together. One mans foot will go through an other man's eye and one thousand thirty three people , an infinite amount of times, will be merged together in this horrible way, with body parts missplaced all forming one giant monstrosity. This would harm his beautifull and infinite order and would make it impossible for him, savaot (THIS TIME THE GOOD CREATOR GOD, NOT THE BAD DEMON) to complete his work. Interesting...the reason to save man kind is to prevent chaos. I was thinking we bring chaos ..heh.

The way he mentioned the number 1033, i wrote in letters because he repeated it several times each time a little different. It might be 1000 and then 33, or 1033..idk..i know 33 was clear. This is without doubdt connected to the notion of ~Legions~ used to described the size/power of a demon, but he presented it in such an original way. 

I agreed to him. having humans all glued up in one big monstruosity is reason enough for me to save them. Its not death that you save them from , so makes sense...for now.

Interesting, i tried to see if he understands what i mean..and told him that humans are already glued up together in cities, we live in groups, we get "merged" with the identity of people around us..and so on. He said that is nothing compared to this..because in a city there are just a few people, but this "balaur" will glue "1000 33" an infinite number of times both in past and in future". Now when he dded this little remark..both in past and in future...the infinite number started to make more sense.

Now the interesting part is over and the sad part of this mans reality comes up. He told me he is immortal. i told him i believe he might be immortal, but his body is not and he should make well to remember that. I get out of the train while he took it very personal and started to scream nothing can destroy him, that he is infinit and immortal, and he was luky the window of the train was locked or he could have taken his only chance to prove he is not that immortal afterall.

I hope he will have rest one day, in his mind most of all. He was obviously exhausted, claimed he didnt slept for days. He actually took a nap of about 15min in the middle of the discussion then he continued right where he stopped...quite creepy.

Thats about it.
Not so funny afterall, makes me think a lot :)

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Very interesting for my brain, though it is sad to hear about someone so removed from themselves (probably a bad way to put it X.x)

When talking flat 2's, we see in 3 and such, I assume he was referencing dimensions, because 4-dimensional stuff is quite common from what (admittedly not much) I've read, but then I don't know what kinds of things he reads.

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sabaot means over armies, lord god sabaot, meaning god is mightier than any army, ya can find this phrase in old testament which is logical, it was used to picture gods might, since back then in history always one or two armies ruled over whole known world, also ya can still hear this phrase during sunday mass

as for that dude... umm lets see, he is drivin on train, most likely without any purpose just like mur, he likes those kind of concepts just like mur, hmm only thing that mur is missin is religious touch (but hey some of md players are already worshipin mur and also mur is considering himself as demigod of east) and rl catastrophe and mur might turn into person just like him :D so mur keep your mental strength up

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"Crazy" people have a different mental make up to what we'd consider "sane", and so they see the world in a different light. This makes them no less insightful or knowledgeable, if people take the time to listen to them.

Red may be green, orange maybe purple, but george is a fish named mike.

It is written...somewhere (probably), that in each of us is god and the devil, and the battle for humankind is within each of us, perhaps those with a different mental make up are more aware of it?

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I actually believe that when you are labeled as an "insane" person you are an outcast of society. That's been the case every time.
But what if "insanity" frees us from ourselves and makes us more aware of what is "around us" rather than what is "in front of us"(Sorry if I'm confusing but I don't have the right words for it).
Then would you want to be "insane" or "normal"? For all we know we are the insane ones and Sabaoth over there is the most sane person in the world. Why?
Because he has purpose and what do we have? I personally have problems that keep me from going the distance. So what does that make me?
Well I don't care really or rather no one could really answer that question but me.

So anyway it just made me realize that you can already be dead inside when you're at the top of your game and also you can be very alive when you're low as you can be.
Nothing can make you feel more alive than yourselves and nothing else.

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Flat regarding the universe would normally mean that spacetime is generally flat rather than concave/convex, and it is actually speculated to be so.

But from what he said, it seems he means dimensions (3 of space, one of time). The paired 2's I don't recognize.

Reminds me of a book about a world with a 2-dimensional surface and inhabitants. I think the title was "Flatland."

Regarding the mixing of humans, I am reminded of "Evangelion," an anime and 2 movies where at the end all humans are reduced to a liquid, which retains both their mind and body, and these are all mixed together in the ocean forming one consciousness.

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[quote name='apophys' timestamp='1308511037' post='86487']
Regarding the mixing of humans, I am reminded of "Evangelion," an anime and 2 movies where at the end all humans are reduced to a liquid, which retains both their mind and body, and these are all mixed together in the ocean forming one consciousness.

According to Peter Gabriel, that is precisely what his song "[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0GcqYGv1AA"]Here Comes the Flood[/url]" is about. :)

[i]When the flood calls,
You have no home, you have no walls.
In the thunder crash,
You're a thousand minds within a flash.
Don't be afraid to cry at what you see:
The actors gone, there's only you and me.
And if we break before the dawn, they'll use up what we used to be.[/i]

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[quote name='Lintara' timestamp='1308753077' post='86578']
Just a random question after reading this, but... What happens after Something steps in and beats up both Order and Chaos so hard, that they both go into a coma?
Vancouver riots: Where people make out amidst the stealing n' breaking n' stuff :D

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[font="'Palatino Linotype"]Insanity is for the highly Intelligent with good imaginations, who would be some sort of scientist/theory/engineer/author/musician had not schizophrenia set in. I think that it's quite possible people of less logical intelligence, are not only more stable but have the ability to enjoy life the way the world is now. I like to give the homeless food, It bothers me greatly to see people hungry, there are some who refuse some who are thankful, but almost all of them suffer mental illness, too bad I can't help them with that...[/font]

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“It is written...somewhere (probably), that in each of us is god and the devil, and the battle for humankind is within each of us, perhaps those with a different mental make up are more aware of it?”

Well ... from my point of view this is one way to see it. I will put it into different words:

Everything is inside of us, we are everything! So everything must be us. Some of us are more aware of that “everything” and some are not. We are all unique and at the same time the same.


“I actually believe that when you are labeled as an "insane" person you are an outcast of society. That's been the case every time.”


10 years ago I started my way with raw foods. I was branded as insane from alot people who had not even a glimse of what they were talking about but myself had figured it out by trying not my reading or talking. I went trough whole proccesses only by changing my nutrition and still people tried to convince me that I was totally on the wrong path. I did not try beforehand to convince them of my ”way”, I was not even talking of it, I simply were walking my way.

For me it became very simple! There is no “good” or “bad”, nor is there an insane or sane being. We are what we are and everything can change everytime.

“But what if "insanity" frees us from ourselves and makes us more aware of what is "around us" rather than what is "in front of us"(Sorry if I'm confusing but I don't have the right words for it).”

What are you sorry for, you just used the right words!

“Then would you want to be "insane" or "normal"?”

Red or blue! I know for sure that everyone of us is asked this question in every second of our life, we are just not realising that we are answering it every second and so creating everything.

“Nothing can make you feel more alive than yourselves and nothing else.”

That makes me smile, because its what I feel everyday abit more.

Thank you for giving me thoughts to think about.


All your research, all your interest´s what are they good for? What are you searching for? I think you thought about that before and came to a conclusion wich keeps you on this “pathway”.
So in at least one point you are in the same situation. There is no rest! There is a force inside ourselfs, whatever you call it, in wich way you think of it dosen´t matter at all, it´s there and forces us forward (is it really a movement?). So we are all insane in the eyes of someone who is not at out level. There are many so called "normal" humans out there who, if you compare them, are totally insane for each other.

So what is the truth?

I still remember a part of an interview made with the indian Advaita – Teacher Ramesh Balsekar (I translate as best as I´m able too):


Sometimes you say “It is only a concept, it is not true!” What is the difference between a concept and the Truth?

Ramesh Baleskar:

“My concept says, whatever anyone said, ever Jesus, Buddha or Ramana Maharshi – is a concept. A concept is something that some peaple will doubt and some will agree with. The Truth from my point of understanding, is something that NONE can deny. Because of this the concepts of one religion are not accepted by another religion. The reason why we have religious wars. Is it possible that there is a ONE TRUTH in the world of appearances? The only undeniable truth for everyone is the impersonal consiousness of being. I am. In the moment someone is talking about this, is can become a concept too.” (connection 4/04 july august 2004 / page 49)

So for me your view of this being you meet in the train is your personal concept of the truth at your personal state of evolution.

I thank you for sharing this story with us, it remembered me of alot things I discoverd years ago and I looked back the whole way I walked from there.

I´m willing to learn the whole time wich is given to me on this planet and I´m open to whatever is out there.


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[color=#008000][i]@ Menhir[/i][/color]

[color=#008000][i]I like your quotation from Ramesh Baleskar. Truth has been said to be either relative or absolute. Relative Truth would be a concept... some people would agree with it, some wouldn't. Absolute Truth is undeniable. If I had to give an analogy: Absolute Truth would be the sun outside a building made up of tinted glass, inside that building we view the light through the various colours - which would then be relative truth. Perhaps religions are all just relative truths compared to what the Real Truth is. [/i] [/color]

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This discussion reminds me of a humorous bumper sticker that I saw just the other day. I suppose I found it humorous because I'm not a Christian in the strictest sense of the word.

It said, in large letters: TRY JESUS
Then in smaller letters below: If you don't like him, Satan will ALWAYS take you back.

I found it strangely comforting. Satan having a sort of benevolence?

Then I laughed at the idea that there could be only two choices.

(No offense meant to any Christians reading this.)

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