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MD style question

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Im assuming you mean you uploaded the one you have as your forum avatar?

Is your role a seabird? normally the avatar will represent the role, where the avatar is normally a person in full or part.

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Yes, the one I have as avatar on the forum.
I prefer to style myself as a rebel spirit, which is well represented by storm petrel, a sea bird.
As I understood, my submission was rejected because of inconsistency with MD style.
I am trying to understand what was wrong - as the picture is pencil drawn as required.

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  • Root Admin

again, the background doesnt really fit in with MD style, which i guess whoever approves them wants. Iv never uploaded avatars, Nor do i really know what im doing, But with the background is worse, since its not just an item, it becomes more like a scene.

In regards to who approves them... i dont know, since i dont deal with them, i guessed it was Mur?

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Don't trim the wings - fold them into a W shape like the bird is diving.... that will let you get more detail on the body that won't dissappear at pixel resolution (just an opinion with zero influence).

The preferred style seems to be more what you can get out of an old-fashioned wood-cut ink-print block or stamp. Shade by line density a little more coarse than the pixel resolution.

The edges have to be alpha-zero to blend into the page. If you're going to shadow a zone, make it a pool or cloud that has a natural transparent edge.

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In my opinion it is a problem of content more than shape. I have the same feeling of Neno, enforced by the fact that once I tried to upload an animal avatar too, receiving the same reply as you. Yet I have to say that it was not better than your seabird...

I'd try to give it a more human shape. Maybe trying to create an hybrid as in Raven's avatar, or maybe superimposing the image of a man to that of the bird.

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@Fyrd - that position looks more aggressive; it doesn't fit with the purpose of the drawing.

There exist many inhuman avatars, so I don't think the problem is that it isn't humanoid. The problem is probably that it isn't personified. I.e. make the bird more of a personality than an object, as what it now looks like.

To achieve this, I agree with the other posts in that you should make better use of canvas space (whatever solution you use to this effect).

My personal suggestion would be to frame it better: draw it from a viewpoint somewhat off to the left and above of where it is (i.e. nearer to the axis along the wings), showing feet & tail, and clipping the upper wing slightly in the final product. As I see it, the upper wing should be nearly tangent with the upper border, and the body should be above the center point, leaving some empty space below the picture for character (to make it appear to soar).

But if you don't want to put effort to redraw it, you can try to cut half the wing in each direction and center on the body (it's probably not detailed enough for this to look good, however).

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