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Exchange Heat for AP

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Expecially now that we have "viscosity", how about a method, similar to praying, for converting heat into AP? 100 per AP is my opening suggestion. This would mean max heat with full orbs gets you 80 AP which, combined with normal AP, should be enough to take one step anywhere, worst case.

And laws of reversibility being what they are, perhaps the reverse transaction should be allowed too. With efficiency loss of course.

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... but that would mean ppl with very high briskness would move for free everywhere (first 5 minutes after regen counter of walking in low viscosity area with AP transfers - and then peaceful stroll across all MD locations, viscosity or not)

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It is a nice idea but as Xreig pointed out people with high brisk will get to move at no cost and would negate the need for a regen timer
also this then removes the whole point of restricting AP for alliance and non alliance players.

So in short this would not work as it removed the whole need of the regen timer

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If you cranked up the exchange rate (2000 or 3000 heat per 1 AP), it might work. If it were above 2000, you would need to use the erolin storing devices.

It would also mean that protectors, should they be getting worship, wouldn't need to worry about AP as much.


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