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Eon... Name that fills many hearts with fear. Not because of his creatures or spells - but inevitability of Eon's training. Eon's 'hi' comes as a beep of a attack and continues with perfect frequency all the time of his training. Eon's sleeping - 10 minutes without a beep.
There were some who tried to communicate with Eon. Some considered it a task that would justify creating a new guild devoted to this very task. Statistical analysis of his attacks frequency failed... It is confirmed beyond any belief he does not communicate with Morse code. There are poeple who claim they heard Eon talk. As some of these people admit freely they heard him talk after some time in close proximity to Nightshade these reports are not considered credible.
There are a few things known about Eon:
1. He is not a big fan of non-damaging combos.
2. He calls every crit 'tree'. It is pretty confusing to some as they tend to use this word to remains and are surprised when they attack Eon after he had posted 'Trees set at GoE' and see defense ritual with some drachorns in. Had they read 'Crits set at GoE', as intended, there would be no such misunderstandings.
3. He may like nice and pure English, swear words may repell him... Whenever you ask him 'You (...), I asked you (...) three times to stop (...) attacks! Are you (...)?' it's highly likely he will _not_ stop....
4. He is the winner of Boss Head Contest

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