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Unworthy accounts with wishpoints

Muratus del Mur

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I realised that just me thinking of all implications of somethins is not enough (lol), sometimes i need to share it for the others to understand it right.

You were used with wishpoints as highly valuable, unachievable rewards. I say unachievable because lets be real about it, there were achievable by a low number elite only.

" My unannounced plans "

- add a buffer of about 10 wishpoints to be distributed without a real merit or CHEATABLE.
- add a buffer of similar number of wishes in the wish shop to dilute the offer there and keep real powerfull wishes for deeper levels.

these two balance eachother and will make wishpoints taste known to new and old player equally.
the elite status of wishpoints remains intact, their value just "inflates" at the base of the chain. Getting 10 wishpoints to anyone will mean those that have a hard worked 1wp will have 11wp and those that have 10 will still have to work equally hard to obtain 11. Do you want me to draw you a picture of it? i thought its damn obvious what i do.

- increase the dynamic of achieving abilities in md. "Viscosity" dear people, applied to the way achievements are achievable and a player evolves up the chain.

the main reason to this is because there are features lurking in the background that need to come out one way or the other. What is not high-tech top of the line awesome feature will be tomorrow a common thing to have.

Now the long boring story in a few words:
Long ago i had a martial arts teacher that made me understood what respect is and what it is for. Years later i still keep in touch with him and one thing hurts me to see... what was once so hard to achive, the trainings that were once at the limit supportability so to say, are now days polite sports classes. I don't want to go back there to discover that what teached me about life turned into a show. It is the same thing here in MD, i don't want years from now to have legends about how wishpoints where equal to medals and they become just ..points.
Sadly i must admit that wishpoints need severely inflated to fit a perfect integration with the rest of the features. The wish shop alone can double or tripple its offer list anytime, but if i do that, having 2-3 wps will not be realistic.

There are two ways around that. Inflate lower levels and have low class wishpoints and the old good hard work wishpoints....oh...but wait....oh my..i thought about that when putting a rating number on the wishpoints ..remember? you use it already since wp were implemented. A low class wp as the one received from the active days can still be used as a wp but in rating its a fraction of a full rated wp. hmm...
What about wp ratings? one simple fix i can think of when writing this is to give a rating also for WHO gave the wp. It is not the case now but i anticipated this long ago already and the "rating" fields are there already (i think visible in the interface?). In other words a new generation noob that will end up giving wishpoints for trivia contests will never compare to a wp rated 8 given by a old time vet.

get my point? or shall i draw it?
or maybe i should just shutup and continue my old way without explaining much

(excuse my obvious mood)

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I know you're fed up with reading my opinions by now (:P), but doing WP-inflation on the lower end and still keeping elite feature elite is exactly what's not happening now. The wishes are still at the same spent points requirements, which means that there's no actual inflation yet, but only more money printed which still buys things at the same price. For example, access to writing things on items, one of the most influential things you can get in that shop, is now very easily achievable. When you really give out 10 WPs in ways that are, call it easy instead of cheatable, but don't adjust the spent wishes requirement for big things, anybody will buy k-doc collection, anybody will edit items, and anybody can write scene subtitles.

Inflation [u]yes[/u], printing more money without real inflation [u]no[/u].

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