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I cant access MD


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Basically, I've been trying to log in since yesterday morning... but the web page is always unavailable...
I gave it some time, bout until today @ 11 pm, still nothing

Could it have something to do with the fact that I'm now in Egypt for holiday?

A few facts you might need :
I'm using the pc I used back in Lebanon
I tried it on 3 different browsers (IE, Chrome, and Firefox)
I deleted all cookies and browser history just in case
I tried to go to www.magicduel.com/layout.php directly, but still nothing
What's not loading is a master page (the home page), it's not a log in problem, since I can't even attempt a log in
I tried it on an ipad as well, and also on other laptops, and on other WiFi modems... same thing
forum works fine, so do all other webpages

Basically, my Uncle told me it's the server which may be down... But that I doubt, after all, it seems no one has complained, and you guys are obviously very involved in the 'new things'... So, any ideas/help/suggestions ?

Thank you in advance

[Note, I just won my first wp, that's why I'm just too excited to enter the game... please don't make me wait =( if you can...]
[Side Note to Mods, I just realized that the title like this is really... WRONG (people might get the wrong idea that the server is actually wrong) can you change it to something more appropriate as in : bug - server down, or such]

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Aren't there players from Egypt?

I checked more than 1 WiFi hot spot, none let me open, so is it that Egypt blocks MD or something?

EDIT : I was going to download something on my phone (E7-00, dunno if it's relevant) and I accidentally wrote in MD, and it worked! Of course, it worked is not an exact 'it worked'
the thing is, it let me enter the main page, it pressed the 'login' hyperlink, but due to the lack of Adobe, even if I log in, it'd be useless (can't see anything)...
now that is weird

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  • Root Admin

localized issue merely meant that it isnt happening for everyone, so its something thats happening between your computer and the MD server. Assuming the MD isnt blocking your IP's then there isnt much we can do but suggest ways to help.

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if you can somehow change ip and md still looks down , then is a gov issue indeed, happend before, some sites are labeled dangerous ...uuuuu,,, :P

if you can tchange ip ti might be ip is baned due to unusual activity, email me your ip at manu@md and i will look into it.

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*gets completely confused* how do I figure out my ip? and like I said, my phone logged into MD usually, but an ipad I had didn't... (that makes two ips, one which let me in, one which didn't, right?)

Side Note : Any government official who reads the 'conspiracy theories' will more than just mark this site as harmful =P

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Well, depending on the phone and how you've configured it, you may be connecting to the internet via your mobile's data network. So that would be 4g or 3g. Which would likely be beyond Egypt's control to censor?
If you want, I can send you a browser that could get around the censorship. Let me know.


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@Awi, yes please, I'd like that browser
and plus, I wasn't using mobile internet, rather, I was using the WiFi modem I was using on my pc that wouldn't connect...
@Brulant it wasn't that I wanted to use the ipad, I just wanted to see if it would access the webpage

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[quote name='Passant the Weak' timestamp='1313595439' post='90323']
You should delete it and send it via email as mur requested: it's not that safe to make it public. ;)

Not that safe? Something that every single website you visit has access to, is not very safe to make public? Hell, there is even an IP next to every single post you make for admin's. Knowing an IP is like knowing where someone lives, You know they are home, but wont nesscarily be able to get past their and their ISP's defences to access their computer.

But i guess a mod hid it.

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