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[quote]News: PM to Email You can now be notified by email of personal messages you receive on MD. Settings for this feature can be changed in your options page.

Is it a good idea to be this on for default? you can get a lot of PM's and me for one would really consider this as spam if i joined a new game. Surely this would be most likely to get MD listed as a spammer on mail servers for this? if it was disabled as default, then people would enable it if they wanted it, then it would mean you wouldnt get spammed tons when you got a pm. I hate it when any website decides to contact me without me wanting it.

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[i][color=#808080]it's not really a problem to switch it off tho...[/color][/i]
[i][color=#808080]if it's on as default you'll find the option to switch it off pretty quickly, even if you're a newbie.[/color][/i]
[i][color=#808080]if it's off as default you might miss it at all. [/color][/i]
[i][color=#808080]And I find the option "only when not online" very useful.[/color][/i]

[i][color=#808080](my vote: [/color][/i][i][color=#808080]"only when not online")[/color][/i]

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I would really prefer this to be switched off: I am usually resigning from new games that spam me with countless emails... And I agree with Rhaegar on that matter: could put a bad light on MD for some new players. At least it could have done so to me!

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While I really like this feature, I agree that it should be off by default. Both PMs I received while offline today apparently went straight to my SPAM folder, and I only noticed them when looking for an unrelated message a friend was to have sent me (which I thought might filter as Spam).

Now that I know about it though, Great idea! I'll jsut second, third, or seventh the concern about spam and a bad reflection of MD overall for newer folks.

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  • Root Admin

newbies don't receive pms and if they do they should know about it. The scenario i had in mind when thinking of this feature was the "normal noob" that asks around things in the tutorial area and it happens nobody is there. They ask the lho and this one doesn't answer or the player simply closes the window without waiting. In this case the majority forget about returning. The majority of players leave in day one, sadly.

email when not online is indeed a good thing and will be done. Putting the feature on default off its not very smart because its intended for when you forget about checking your pms and then you will for sure forget to set it on.

Thank you for your feedback

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