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Research and Connections


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[I put this here because it seemed appropriate, considering it was a question and answer thing. If Mods feel appropriate, please move this elsewhere. I also have this edited to show ONLY the questions/answers. All random speach has been removed.]

[27/09/11 01:50] Muratus del Mur:well this meeting is mostly to answer your questions if any
[27/09/11 01:50] Seigheart:I have a question?
[27/09/11 01:50] Muratus del Mur:this new feature is quite of massive , too big to fully announce all of it
[27/09/11 01:51] Pipstickz:We don't command total silence, why should he?
[27/09/11 01:51] Seigheart:What kind of "research" does this provide? Did you just write up a quick synopsis of each scene?
[27/09/11 01:51] Rendril Revant:If anyone is able to start unlocking clues without having the research achievements please report it
[27/09/11 01:51] Muratus del Mur:this is confusing, this meeting is for you not for me, i can leave things as they are without explaining, in case you find it useless
[27/09/11 01:52] Virtuous Pride: Mur del Mur, I have a question.
[27/09/11 01:52] Maebius:Alright, I'll ask. (have jsut logged in have not fully understod the announcement) Are the Research Clues part of clickies, or scene features, or...
[27/09/11 01:52] Stipple:How do you get the research achievement please?
[27/09/11 01:52] Muratus del Mur:oh yes, to make it more interesting, there will be a bounty reward for significant bugs that you discover that allow revealing of clues that you shouldnt be able to see (not enough level or such)
[27/09/11 01:52] Maebius:The letters in eachg scene, for example? Would unlocking more Reaearch make them make sense? *smiles* (
[27/09/11 01:53] Muratus del Mur:ok lets go one by one, seigh you had one, repeat pls
[27/09/11 01:53] Seigheart:I was wondering, what kind of information is provided by these "research and connections"? Is there a way you can give a basic idea of what is to be gained from a scene?
[27/09/11 01:54] Seigheart:And are there any rules that come with these? Are well allowed to share the information we gain?
[27/09/11 01:54] Muratus del Mur:So far this research was something not really "advertised", it was done just by those that figured out there is something to research
[27/09/11 01:54] Muratus del Mur:now i am placing lots of information about md in these clues
[27/09/11 01:55] Rendril Revant:@ Maebius: the clues are an extension of the scene, they are not clickables and are separate from the black letters. Some day they might be integrated as clickables
[27/09/11 01:55] Muratus del Mur:things like secrets about locations, about their meaning, about features etc
[27/09/11 01:56] Muratus del Mur:that sort of things not so much, that specific question is more related to a part of this that i dont enjoy spreading, it went to a bad direction, but yeah sort of
[27/09/11 01:56] Curiose:How long will these achievements be available?
[27/09/11 01:56] Muratus del Mur:achievements are always there, they are not limited just for a while
[27/09/11 01:57] Curiose:Ah gotcha. How does one get started?
[27/09/11 01:57] Riplex:Will unlocking said achievements be conditioned by MP level?
[27/09/11 01:57] Muratus del Mur:i wont go into that right now, research is not about that, i said its "sort of like that"
[27/09/11 01:57] Curiose:I meant, started by finding the clues.
[27/09/11 01:57] Muratus del Mur: (rendril)
[27/09/11 01:58] SilverBlades:Ah, I see... Cool, so these clues I just have to find them?
[27/09/11 01:58] Curiose:is their a specific starting place?
[27/09/11 01:58] Rendril Revant:@Curiose: there shoudl be a link at the top (under scene name) that shows [Research and Connections]
[27/09/11 01:58] Muratus del Mur:clues are placed in scenes, not all, but eventually many. some scenes have more some have none, depends how many things there are to talk about there
[27/09/11 01:59] Muratus del Mur:if you are familiar with Azulls tour..thats how this is mostly
[27/09/11 01:59] Pipstickz:Mur: One of the most appealing things about research was comparing ideas with others; will these clues give definite answers or only point in the correct direction?
[27/09/11 01:59] Muratus del Mur:questions you could possibly have about a place, answered in the form of such clues
[27/09/11 02:00] Muratus del Mur:both, they will give you ans answer while also showing you new directions
[27/09/11 02:00] Rendril Revant:@Pipstickz: both
[27/09/11 02:00] Muratus del Mur:its not fun to end a question with an answer and its not fun to answer nothing either
[27/09/11 02:00] Pipstickz:Thank you.
[27/09/11 02:01] NaitsirK:are there conditions that have to be met for the achevements (mp lvl etc.)
[27/09/11 02:01] Muratus del Mur: ®
[27/09/11 02:01] Rendril Revant:Yes, that is what makes them achivements. Find them and oyu will see the requirements
[27/09/11 02:02] Pipstickz:So, what exactly do the points do?
[27/09/11 02:02] Seigheart:Will the achievements be in obscure places, like under a rock? Or will they be in locations similiar to the current locations?
[27/09/11 02:03] Muratus del Mur:again , we are speaking about the newly released feature, you can find it by clicking the NEW link under the scene name, if you see no new link, refresh and look again
[27/09/11 02:04] Rendril Revant:@Pip: points allow you to unlock a clue form a certain location, if you have the right research level (achievement)
[27/09/11 02:04] Pipstickz:So opening the Research and Connections page for a location uses a point?
[27/09/11 02:04] Muratus del Mur:no
[27/09/11 02:05] Muratus del Mur:revealing one of the clues there uses one
[27/09/11 02:05] Muratus del Mur:you can still see the clue names without using points and there is a personal library of clues you have
[27/09/11 02:05] Pipstickz:Ah, so there are multiple clues per location
[27/09/11 02:05] Seigheart:I assume we can share our clues?
[27/09/11 02:06] Muratus del Mur:in some places there are more , in some places there are none, here is none for example
[27/09/11 02:06] Muratus del Mur:go to the fenth press to see one (i think there is one there) [27/09/11 02:06] Pipstickz:And you said there are about 40 clues so far, yet there are only 20 points in the WP Shop and 10 be default
[27/09/11 02:06] Pipstickz:So, they will be limited
[27/09/11 02:07] Muratus del Mur:the total amount of points available in the wish shop, currently is 220
[27/09/11 02:07] Muratus del Mur:or similar
[27/09/11 02:07] Muratus del Mur:you see just the wishes you can access
[27/09/11 02:07] Muratus del Mur:there will be hundreds of clues eventually
[27/09/11 02:08] Muratus del Mur:i mean over a period of a year or two
[27/09/11 02:08] Rendril Revant:You can also unlock a clue if your submit research that explains ir
[27/09/11 02:08] Darkfire:O.o doubt anyone will get to 220 wishpoints any time soon
[27/09/11 02:08] Muratus del Mur:you can unlock 10 clues per a wp
[27/09/11 02:08] Muratus del Mur:and that is fit for the current amount of clues, however as there will be more, things will be different
[27/09/11 02:09] Muratus del Mur:important, you can unlock a clue per day, not more
[27/09/11 02:10] Pipstickz:And what's to stop a group of people getting together and getting 3 WP each from active days, and then sharing clues?
[27/09/11 02:10] Muratus del Mur:nothing, thats why there is a human check behind the research submission, they will have their ways dont worry
[27/09/11 02:12] TTL:And what was that: You can unlock a clue if you submit research for it?
[27/09/11 02:13] Muratus del Mur:clues are meant two ways
[27/09/11 02:13] Rendril Revant:Yes, also if your research is particularly insighful it might lead to a new clue being created
[27/09/11 02:13] Muratus del Mur:one is for those that dont figure much about how md works or why
[27/09/11 02:14] Muratus del Mur:and the other is for researchers that are interested in exactly that
[27/09/11 02:14] Muratus del Mur:either way, clues will be there, one way or an other. If you use your brain you get them free, if not, you "pay" 1/10 wp for them and maybe like that your brain starts working
[27/09/11 02:14] samon:what about alts, using a few alts would allow you to see at least all level 1 clues
[27/09/11 02:15] TTL:Like research alliances? So all the research alliances get unlocked some clues by default?
[27/09/11 02:15] Muratus del Mur:in some cases clues are true rewards, in their information value, or more
[27/09/11 02:15] lashtal:so, where to submit eventual research papers? to whom?
[27/09/11 02:16] Muratus del Mur:as awlays, abuse is abuse, alts are trackable, there are ways to fight it, if needed, and this sort of abuse you talk about was considered when making this feature
[27/09/11 02:16] Rendril Revant:@lashtal: there is a [submit research] link on when you open the research & connections page
[27/09/11 02:16] Muratus del Mur:simple, if you read it from a friend lets say, and you understood it enough to tell it in such a way that it seems to come from you, great
[27/09/11 02:17] Muratus del Mur:the point of the clues is that you udnerstand them, not to keep them hidden
[27/09/11 02:17] Darkfire:hmm is the research and connections page operational atm?
[27/09/11 02:17] Muratus del Mur:however if you just copy them or tell things you didnt actually understood, it is the right of whoever will moderate this feature to act accordingly
[27/09/11 02:17] Pipstickz:Darkfire, this location doesn't have anything on it's page
[27/09/11 02:17] Muratus del Mur:@darkfire, yes
[27/09/11 02:17] Rendril Revant:Refresh your page if you do not see the link at the top
[27/09/11 02:18] Darkfire:i see it but i gives me a message saying "you have no access to this feature"
[27/09/11 02:18] Muratus del Mur:more questions before i tell you the next important thing?
[27/09/11 02:18] Pipstickz:You need to unlock the achievements
[27/09/11 02:18] Rendril Revant:Oh I might have forgotten to unblock some pages, 1 sec
[27/09/11 02:20] Muratus del Mur:ok, the next important thing
[27/09/11 02:20] Muratus del Mur:actually a very important one
[27/09/11 02:21] Rendril Revant:Sorry about that, the clues page is unlocked now as wel
[27/09/11 02:21] Muratus del Mur:i was saying..
[27/09/11 02:21] Muratus del Mur:ah yes, important
[27/09/11 02:22] Muratus del Mur:these clues will be the way to reintegrate the spelldocs
[27/09/11 02:22] Muratus del Mur:because like this, spelldocs finally find their place in the game world, related and explained
[27/09/11 02:22] Muratus del Mur:more than just the spelldoc levels
[27/09/11 02:22] Rendril Revant: (check research & connections again if you have not already done so)
[27/09/11 02:22] Muratus del Mur:but the actual connection and meaning in the realm
[27/09/11 02:24] Muratus del Mur:it will take a time till i will put all spelldocs
[27/09/11 02:24] Muratus del Mur:but at least they will get back in game, finally, and this time they will be there in the right way
[27/09/11 02:26] Sephirah Caelum:Where do I see my Research points?
[27/09/11 02:26] Muratus del Mur:when you try to unlock a clue
[27/09/11 02:26] Muratus del Mur: (will probably get a more visible place soon)
[27/09/11 02:27] Sephirah Caelum:hm...no, I can't see it
[27/09/11 02:27] Seigheart: (I found a way to view clues... )
[27/09/11 02:27] Seigheart: (Clues not shown.)
[27/09/11 02:27] Muratus del Mur:ok, talk to r about it
[27/09/11 02:27] Tipu: (No clues were found in this location)
[27/09/11 02:28] Muratus del Mur:ok, more questions
[27/09/11 02:29] Seigheart:Who do we submit research to?
[27/09/11 02:29] Muratus del Mur:there is a special interface for that
[27/09/11 02:29] Pipstickz:There's a button there, says submit research
[27/09/11 02:30] Muratus del Mur:called, obviously, "submit research"
[27/09/11 02:30] Pipstickz:Bigger than the rest
[27/09/11 02:30] Pipstickz:Kind of obvious
[27/09/11 02:30] Tarquinus:I apologise if this question has been asked already, but: how does one discover clues, once their location is known?
[27/09/11 02:30] Muratus del Mur:well its a new thing , will take a while to get used
[27/09/11 02:30] Muratus del Mur:click the small [?] next to them
[27/09/11 02:31] Seigheart: (I know THAT. I meant, who looks at it?)
[27/09/11 02:31] asryn:I have a question. What about existing spell docs, for those of us who earned them in their previous incarnation. Will those be incorporated into the new system, or will we all start afresh?
[27/09/11 02:31] Muratus del Mur:who looks at it i cant tell you sorry
[27/09/11 02:31] Muratus del Mur:all existing spell docs remain as they are
[27/09/11 02:32] Muratus del Mur:same spelldocs will be now distributed through the clues for those that dont have themn
[27/09/11 02:32] Seigheart:@Mur Will it be you, or selected individuals? I'm only asking just so I can figure out a kind of timeline for somethign like this... :P
[27/09/11 02:32] Pipstickz:Keep in mind when submitting things that the location you are in matters.
[27/09/11 02:32] Muratus del Mur:those that already have them will get nothing new, except the clue itself that comes with the spelldoc
[27/09/11 02:32] Eagle Eye:How about the tittle Sir Mur?
[27/09/11 02:33] Muratus del Mur:@seig, there will be a group of people i will try to keep secret to avoid obvious temptations, for the research clues they cant answer i will be the one checking them
[27/09/11 02:33] Muratus del Mur:it is a hierarchy, some clues are exsiting some are not
[27/09/11 02:33] Seigheart:@Mur Thanks. That's what I wanted to know. :D
[27/09/11 02:34] Muratus del Mur:in any case, this team is not yet assambled so dont count on it in the next week
[27/09/11 02:34] Muratus del Mur:but as a general answer, once the research team will be in place, it should go fast enough
[27/09/11 02:35] Muratus del Mur:there are not that many people to submit significant discoveries, and if you submit stupid things you get a cooldown time to avoid spamming the research team
[27/09/11 02:35] Muratus del Mur:that way, you might consider twice before wasting a day or two on a random question
[27/09/11 02:37] Muratus del Mur:also the research team will be focused on areas
[27/09/11 02:37] Muratus del Mur:nobody actually knows everything in the clues
[27/09/11 02:37] Muratus del Mur:and getting in this team will be possible, depends on your ..progress..lets call it
[27/09/11 02:39] Muratus del Mur:one thing that should be known
[27/09/11 02:40] Muratus del Mur:clues are intended to work even if you unlock one daily or you unlock none ever. They are optional, as all the information around you is
[27/09/11 02:41] Maebius:I missed a good bit of hte middle, but.. If clues are unlocked, are they personally, or 'globally' unlocked and "researched"? Sorry if this was asked already.
[27/09/11 02:41] Lone Wolf:If you unlock a clue, will you be always able to see it or would it take another point to view it again o.O
[27/09/11 02:41] Muratus del Mur:the one per day limit is to ensure those that figured it out "too much" wont unlock all of them in one day. A certain level of loyalty to MD, represented by active days, is what i ask in return for
[27/09/11 02:41] Muratus del Mur:these clues, so thats why its max 1 per day
[27/09/11 02:41] Pipstickz:Lone: You will always have it
[27/09/11 02:42] Muratus del Mur:@m personaly
[27/09/11 02:42] Eagle Eye:I got clues 2/2 but is gone
[27/09/11 02:42] Muratus del Mur:@L once unlocked it becomes your own "good", like the spelldocs, you can read it anytime it shows in your library
[27/09/11 02:43] Seigheart:@Mur Just to clarify, we are ALLOWED to share our clues with others?
[27/09/11 02:44] Muratus del Mur:no not really
[27/09/11 02:44] Muratus del Mur:as with all the things in md that can be considered spoiler
[27/09/11 02:44] Muratus del Mur:let me explain this better
[27/09/11 02:45] SilentMove: (Mur, the research library page throws an error message, sorry if that was already mentioned before)
[27/09/11 02:45] Maebius: (I see the library fine fyi)
[27/09/11 02:46] samon: (no error for me, however some clues already seem to be unlocke
[27/09/11 02:46] SilentMove: (I see it, but there's an opening message 'function implode' etc)
[27/09/11 02:47] Pipstickz:From what I understand, there will be moderators watching that will see if you regurgitate information, or if you actually process it and share your own version of it
[27/09/11 02:47] Muratus del Mur:ok so, about sharing clues:
[27/09/11 02:47] Muratus del Mur:listen carefully and stop talking randomly
[27/09/11 02:48] Muratus del Mur:like with all md information, sharing it publicly is restricted, it is a spoiler and there are rules against such things.
[27/09/11 02:48] Muratus del Mur:yOu can and should however discuss research with eachother
[27/09/11 02:48] Muratus del Mur:i have nothing against that
[27/09/11 02:48] Muratus del Mur:in fact, i would be happy that you join forces to discover things
[27/09/11 02:49] Seigheart:Placing this information in Knowledge Docs would be allowed or not?
[27/09/11 02:49] Muratus del Mur:however, having some forum posts or shared docs that will spread clues allover or to who pays more, is NOT something i will like
[27/09/11 02:49] Muratus del Mur: (if you would let me finish you will figure it out eventually)
[27/09/11 02:50] Muratus del Mur:bugs that you discover send to rendril, he is dealing with them as we speak
[27/09/11 02:50] Muratus del Mur:rewards will be given by me based on what you discover
[27/09/11 02:50] Muratus del Mur:back on topic
[27/09/11 02:51] Muratus del Mur:so, what i said earlier about what happens if you use alts or friends to see clues and then submit them
[27/09/11 02:51] Muratus del Mur:it means you have two choices
[27/09/11 02:52] Muratus del Mur:one is that you unlock the clue, one is that you figure it out OR understand it yourself
[27/09/11 02:53] Muratus del Mur:anyway, you get my point i hope, information is a common good, what is not a common good is the brain required to achieve it
[27/09/11 02:53] Pipstickz:What's the sense in unlocking the clue if you already have it?
[27/09/11 02:53] Muratus del Mur:collecting it, getting the spelldoc..simply unlocking it?
[27/09/11 02:53] Muratus del Mur:so, the mod team that will handle research submissions has ways to penalize you for being foolish
[27/09/11 02:53] Pipstickz:So they're not only information, they're like spell docs
[27/09/11 02:54] Muratus del Mur:for example
[27/09/11 02:54] Muratus del Mur:you submit a copy pasted clue, taken from an alt, you get a huge cooldown time, days
[27/09/11 02:54] Muratus del Mur: (spell docs, more, even more in plan)
[27/09/11 02:55] Muratus del Mur:oh wait i have a better example
[27/09/11 02:55] Muratus del Mur:see it as an exam
[27/09/11 02:55] Hedge the Frog: (What are these clues even for, research...of?)
[27/09/11 02:55] Muratus del Mur:and the research team the teacher that checks it, if you copy it , even if not copy pasted, it will mean you get penalized
[27/09/11 02:56] Muratus del Mur:the penalization is not meant to harm but to block you from using the submit research
[27/09/11 02:56] Pipstickz:Hedge: They are clues for research about MD
[27/09/11 02:57] Muratus del Mur:well exactly... most people dont uderstand what this "research" is, i hope this way it will be more clear
[27/09/11 02:58] Muratus del Mur:there are certain logic connections present, about things in md, how they relate to eachother, sometimes how the relate to the outer world
[27/09/11 02:58] Muratus del Mur:things you normally ignore
[27/09/11 02:58] Muratus del Mur:but, for example,
[27/09/11 02:58] Eagle Eye:Can i change my first answer Mur?
[27/09/11 02:58] Muratus del Mur:such a research foresaw the existance of the tribunal lands where it is, long before i announced it publicly
[27/09/11 02:59] Muratus del Mur:@egle eye i have no clue what you talk about
[27/09/11 02:59] Muratus del Mur:what answer
[27/09/11 03:00] Eagle Eye:submit and research
[27/09/11 03:00] Pipstickz:The research submitting won't be up and running for a while, Eagle Eye.
[27/09/11 03:02] Muratus del Mur:its thought in such a way that it will be acceptable for people that actualy work on trying to research and unusable for those that have "no clue" and try randomly
[27/09/11 03:02] *MasterB*:But EE question still stands. If you get rejected by the teacher, can you change your answer ?
[27/09/11 03:02] Pipstickz:It's a temporary ban from submitting, B
[27/09/11 03:02] Muratus del Mur:yes, after the cooldown passes
[27/09/11 03:03] Muratus del Mur:sort of what pip says
[27/09/11 03:03] *MasterB*:How long will the ban last ?
[27/09/11 03:03] Muratus del Mur:btw, pip, 1g for your bug discovery comming up
[27/09/11 03:03] Muratus del Mur:it depends , varies from 1 day to two weeks i think
[27/09/11 03:04] Muratus del Mur:Note, clue detail page temporary blocked as rendril works on a bug
[27/09/11 03:08] Kyphis:Question: To submit research Clues, do we need to unlock the Achievement? (haven't looked for its location yet)
[27/09/11 03:13] Muratus del Mur:all clues will be reset and the default points reset to 10
[27/09/11 03:14] Kyphis:Question: Do we need to unlock the Research Achievement before we can submit Clues Data? (I have not looked for the Achivement yet)
[27/09/11 03:14] Pipstickz:No, I do not believe so
[27/09/11 03:15] Pipstickz:But submitting will not be up and running for a while
[27/09/11 03:15] Kyphis:Excellent. I have a lot of Aramor research to put up
[27/09/11 03:16] Pipstickz:Will players be able to create new clues, or will that be up to you, Mur?
[27/09/11 03:16] Rendril Revant:Submitting research should already be up and running but will not be dealt with yet
[27/09/11 03:30] *BFH Lightning*:[27/09/11 03:16] Pipstickz:Will players be able to create new clues, or will that be up to you, Mur?
[27/09/11 03:30] *BFH Lightning*:[27/09/11 03:16] Hedge the Frog:Mur, while you're here, will MP2 be available again, or is that an unanswerable question?
[27/09/11 03:31] Muratus del Mur:mp2 are to be killed on spot
[27/09/11 03:31] Paracelsus:some mins ago my research library had many "clues" i could click on and read, and now they're all grey
[27/09/11 03:31] Muratus del Mur:@paracelsus, that was a bug
[27/09/11 03:32] Muratus del Mur:fixed now
[27/09/11 03:33] Muratus del Mur:@bfh
[27/09/11 03:33] *BFH Lightning*:yes?
[27/09/11 03:33] Muratus del Mur:yes, new clues subumited by players are a possibility
[27/09/11 03:33] Muratus del Mur:the interface is fitted for that, the research team will forward me potentially new research clues
[27/09/11 03:34] Kyphis:Question: Many of us have an item called "research notes" (you know why) . Does this have any impact on our research related activities (ie making it harder because we have inside information; etc)
[27/09/11 03:34] Kyphis: (or changing the amount of clues we have, etc)
[27/09/11 03:35] Muratus del Mur:the research notes could be used if you wish, but at the time it was created it was not meant for this feature
[27/09/11 03:35] Muratus del Mur:however "research" is something you can do on any piece of paper or chat
[27/09/11 03:35] Muratus del Mur:no, it wont affect that
[27/09/11 03:36] Muratus del Mur:unless you have other questions?
[27/09/11 03:37] Kyphis:Question: Should we format our research submission to look as we wish the clue to look (for new clues) or can we include hypothosis and other musings?
[27/09/11 03:38] Kyphis:ie, a few of my points of aramour research are based on RP actions they have taken, do I include that or just my conclusions, and will including it have any negative impact?
[27/09/11 03:40] Kyphis: (I have one more question after this. At least >.>)
[27/09/11 03:43] Muratus del Mur:i cant answer that at the moment, idk how it would be better, we shall see
[27/09/11 03:43] Muratus del Mur:you will see the current clues and that will tell you a bit about that
[27/09/11 03:43] Kyphis:Fair enough. Last question from me then: Is there an associated badge for succesfully submitting lots of research documents? (ie, Writer)
[27/09/11 03:44] Muratus del Mur:not writer, that one is for something else..
[27/09/11 03:45] Muratus del Mur:right now no, but ofc, if it will be the case there will be something
[27/09/11 03:47] Pipstickz:So, will access to clues be given for anything other than submitting things? Or will the people be too busy to seek us out themselves?
[27/09/11 03:48] Muratus del Mur:for points ofc
[27/09/11 03:48] Muratus del Mur:the research points
[27/09/11 03:48] Pipstickz:Other than that
[27/09/11 03:49] Pipstickz:Like, RP or large events
[27/09/11 03:49] Seigheart:@ Mur Will we be able to give points out as rewards for quests and events?
[27/09/11 03:49] Muratus del Mur:wha are you asking exactly
[27/09/11 03:49] Muratus del Mur:if there will be othewr ways to get research points?
[27/09/11 03:49] Pipstickz:Yes
[27/09/11 03:50] Pipstickz:Or no
[27/09/11 03:50] Lone Wolf:Will you give research points randomly to all like shop resets? >>
[27/09/11 03:50] Muratus del Mur:i dont know
[27/09/11 03:50] Pipstickz:Not points, but access to the clues
[27/09/11 03:50] Muratus del Mur:oh no
[27/09/11 03:50] Muratus del Mur:that not
[27/09/11 03:50] Muratus del Mur:there is a wish for that how can i give them free, it woul;dnt be fair for those that used a wp to get them
[27/09/11 03:50] Muratus del Mur:and you have 10 for free anyway
[27/09/11 03:50] Muratus del Mur:and you can get wishpoints for active days too
[27/09/11 03:50] Lone Wolf:If only you could purchase shop resets with wishpoints >>
[27/09/11 03:51] Muratus del Mur:so..there are ways even if you do nothing
[27/09/11 03:51] Pipstickz:One more;
[27/09/11 03:51] Muratus del Mur:yes
[27/09/11 03:51] Pipstickz:What purpose will inner magic have once spell docs are fully integrated? From the more info page, it looks like it's used for outer magic spells, but I've always thought of it as something bigger.
[27/09/11 03:52] Muratus del Mur:thats a very good question
[27/09/11 03:52] Muratus del Mur:research, submitting research anyway, is greatly related to that, it is in a way a step further to innermagic section
[27/09/11 03:53] Muratus del Mur:that means in other words, actions you can "claim" based on your knwoledge in the realm
[27/09/11 03:53] Muratus del Mur:of the realm
[27/09/11 03:53] Muratus del Mur:such things already happen but sadly only in a closed group of researchers i sometimes talk to
[27/09/11 03:53] Muratus del Mur:its not too fair, but ..
[27/09/11 03:53] :Kyphis has always considered Innermagic as already active >.> The Spell docs just give you ideas and insight on what you are doing, and can do <.<
[27/09/11 03:54] Muratus del Mur:in any case its not affecting the realm anyhow..basically if anyone comes to me with a request that cant be denied because of the land balance or logic that governs the realm so to name it, i w
[27/09/11 03:54] Muratus del Mur:will play along

Edited by Burns
Title changed
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I just have one question.

Regarding submitting our research files, if they get approved and such, is there any reward for submitting research, or it is just "showing off you know stuff"?
For example, more research points for good submissions? (meaning what's keeping me from understanding the clues and keeping the conclusions for myself rather than submitting a research file?)

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The way I understand it (which may be incorrect) is that you can unlock Clues by submitting acceptable Research, and thus get those clue records unlocked for "free" ....or we can spend 1/10 of a WP to manually unlock clues over the course of our days here by spending Research Points to activate the records.
Either way works, but obviously there's a certain bit of fun factor to try getting them all 'free'.
Plus, this is Mur's realm, so who knows the actual answer or final 'rewards' if any. :huh:

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[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]i had 1 question which is already answered by Maebius, i just want someone to approve that answer:[/font][/size]
[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]the clue will be unlocked either by 1/10 WP (research point), or by submitting acceptable research?[/font][/size]
[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]i mean, i'm still not sure if the both ways are equal or not (the real clue available, spelldoc, other rewards if any)?[/font][/size]

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I'd think it's enough reward to get your ideas checked and certified. That gives you some kind of advantage already, but even more, it gives you the opportunity to get further in a field that nobody else has clues about yet, since they are your own, and all the rest has to buy that information you already had.
If you keep it to yourself, you'll never know if you're even on the right track.

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[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]yeah, well... but if you want to get a spelldoc (or other available reward which is considerably worth to the person), you will [u]need[/u] to use the 1/10 of WP just for that, and it will already make the "thinking" thingie worthless as you will get the clue too... plus i'd really love to see which clues i've solved already and what are they, and the "buyers" will have this "feature".[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]i mean, Maebius way looks fair if to compare solvers and buyers, as both of them require somewhere near the same effort for the same result. and your way is propagating the spending of WP and leaving the thinking aside... not like the most of WP's are given for not thinking, but not for the current matter for sure...[/font][/size]

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@Rhaegar Targaryen:
The reward for submitting good research is that you can have it unlock a clue (and therefore its associated privileges).

[quote name='duxie' timestamp='1317120528' post='92613']
[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]yeah, well... but if you want to get a spelldoc (or other available reward which is considerably worth to the person), you will [u]need[/u] to use the 1/10 of WP just for that, and it will already make the "thinking" thingie worthless as you will get the clue too...[/font][/size]
No, both ways lead to the clue contents being unlocked.(such as spell doc)

[quote name='duxie' timestamp='1317120528' post='92613']
[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]...plus i'd really love to see which clues i've solved already and what are they, and the "buyers" will have this "feature".[/font][/size]
What "feature" are you referring to? Your research library shows you exactly what you have unlocked..

There is a big difference between unlocking a clue with points or through research which seems to not be getting mentioned:
Research points will only let you unlock clues up to your research level (the achievements you had to find), submitting research can let you unlock clues way beyond your level and even lead to a new clue being added to a scene.

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Sorry, that was my fault. I was confused as to what exactly we were talking about, seeing as how achievements were tied into the whole thing... I think?

Thanks, Burns, for fixing it.

If it'd be easier for people to read, Pips said he'd make a clearer list of all questions/answers.

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Because you can see the Titles of all the different clues, this means if you want a specific one you can write your research paper on that, making it possible to unlock all the clues without spending any wishpoints, so long as you do the hard yards on research.

However, the great advantage to this is that while you know the title, you don't know the content. This means that while trying to unlock one clue you may unlock a completely different one, allowing you to see a connection you never would have thought of before so that you can continue a deeper level of research, or possibly even add brand new clues to a location.

So there are a lot of rewards for writing research, within the research system.

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The idea of research or from my talks with mur was that players like me have done research for many years and had up until now no way of getting it confirmed.
This system now lest you see what path you are on and if your ideas of something like say the shades are correct or if you need to dig a bit deeper.

I for one look forward to submitting my research and seeing how right or wrong i am and have been.
The reward is in knowing you have achieved a level of success in knowledge. The unlocking of the next clue to help you get past something you may be stuck at.
Now all i have to do it dig out all my old research notes and start submitting it :D

Looks forward to seeing the research clues for Golemus :D

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Under the scene titles, there's a new link pointing to 'research and connections', if you click it, the clues from this location will show up in the right panel.
To unlock them, you also need to have the achievement for this clue-level, but you can see the title and general existence without being able to unlock them.

Also, hooray, i successfully moved [s]two[/s] three posts! :D

Edited by Burns
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PM to you Windy lass.
Essentially, to start researching clues with your Research Points, you'll need to unlock the Achievements first.

On the original topic, just seeing the "Research Library" topics of current "clues" is very very Enlightening, and likewise confirms a few vague suspicions I had about a few topics. (and seems to muddle another topic I am possibly thinking 'wrongly' about, which is also good.)

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I can confirm that unlocking one simply resets the counter to "anotherday". so you could probably wait a week between them, but still only unlock one per day. or, in how I guess the pseudo code is written:

If (@DayYouUnlockedClues == @userActiveDays) { "U can no haz new clue today!"; } :))

Yep, just like free credits.

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@ Windy Too bad, but it is. Though it's good for the head contest.

Anyway, i've submitted a research on a certain topic, but it has yet to be proven right or wrong. Who checks them, at what interval and can i submit another one before this one is approved or disapproved?

Note: I have submitted the research without having the achievements, i believe if i have already done it it's supposed to be possible?

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A team check them, but
[27/09/11 02:34] Muratus del Mur:in any case, this team is not yet assambled so dont count on it in the next week
[27/09/11 02:34] Muratus del Mur:but as a general answer, once the research team will be in place, it should go fast enough

and apparently, you can only have one submission in queue at once.

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