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From Sand to Glass, a scientific alchemy

Passant the Weak

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[size=4]My name is Passant the weak. I'm also known as the “Glass Expert”. I was given that title after being chosen to hold the very first tool in the realm that would produce Raw Glass. In this article, I will try to tell you more about Glass, and the way it is manufactured.[/size]

[size=4]Feel free to comment/correct what you read, if necessary. I am also open to any question you may have. Consider this article as my introduction as a new member of the Legend Speakers. My role will be to post articles about mechanisms, people, facts I consider of interest at the time I write about them... or that I will be requested to enquiry about. And yes, you, all, can request me to investigate on a particular subject. I will do my best, and if the result is of any interest, it will be posted here.[/size]

[size=4]That article was originally for a new edition of MDNP... which was dead born, so here it is![/size]


[size=4]~The Weak, a passer by[/size]


[size=4][log=What is Glass?] Glass is a material that comes from the melting of Sand. It is a hard substance, usually transparent. It can be used for various purpose, like making windows, bottles, jewels, etc. Technically speaking, in Magic Duel, Raw Glass is a resource: it means it can be used to create other items, with the appropriate tools (dedicated tools, cauldron, the future will tell!). So far, it was mentioned that Raw Glass would be used to manufacture bottles, but we can expect other uses as new items based on glass will be created in the realm.[/size]

[size=4]The Raw Glass in magic Duel is a dark blueish color. As it comes directly from the melting process, it is covered with dust. It is presented in chunks, ready to be transformed into delicate items.[/log][/size]

[size=4][log=Making glass: the ingredients and tools] From a technical point of view, transforming sand into glass is not very complex: you heat sand until it melts and you get glass that you let solidify in some plates. But what does that mean in Magic Duel?[/size]
[size=4]To manufacture glass, you will need 3 mandatory items:[/size]
[size=4]- the basic material: sand[/size]
[size=4]- some heat to … heat up the sand until it melts[/size]
[size=4]- a tool that will allow that heat to concentrate onto the sand and will process the glass plate into chunks of raw glass[/size]

[size=4]Fairly simple isn't it? But how and where to get all those things? And do they really exist in the realm? Guess it... yes they do. Although they are not that easily visible if you don't know where and how to search.[/size]

[size=4][log=Sand]Sand is a resource that can be found in the realm. It is different from the usual resources (water, herbs, branches...) that you can gather with the appropriate tool. The sand needed to start the alchemy that will produce Raw Glass is not the usual sand found on the beaches of Golemus Golemicarum. The sand of the island is perfect for offering a nice and comfortable area for the sun addicts that enjoy getting tanned. However it is not complex enough to allow manufacturing top quality glass.[/size]

[size=4]The sand we need must be complex, including secret tiny particles of unknown metals. And to get such sand, the only way discovered so far is is to collect sand as soon as it is produced by the physical mechanics of the realm. Yes, that complex sand exists: when people collect memory stones from Magic Duel soil, the friction of the gathering tool with the stone leaves a thin, pure dust. If you have a closer look at it, you see it's sand. A top quality sand that has not been altered by external contamination. That sand is said to contain cobalt (providing the blue color) ans also manganese (to prevent the usual green color of glass), along with other secret materials. It has still to be demonstrated though... but the result is here: this sand is the perfect ingredient to start the melting process.[/size]

[size=4][log=Sand melter] A tool we need now. That tool exists and has a name: it is called Sand melter. It is a heavy device. It has a main chamber whose aim is to collect heat, concentrate it, thus allowing the temperature to reach very high level: 1200°c is what is required, thus the structure of the tool is reinforced to resist such unusual environmental conditions.[/size]

[size=4]The main chamber has a thin hole at his top that allows for the connection of a heat storage device. Once locked onto the main chamber, the heat from the storage device is automatically charged into the chamber. Then the storage device can be disconnected, and the hole automatically locks (using a valve) and keeps the heat for as long as it will be needed. Due to safety concerns (risk of explosion), a security locks the hole if the Heat storing device is not fully loaded: you can use Heat Jars of any size but they have to be fully loaded. You can also use Heat stones.[/size]

[size=4]The main chamber presents another hole, covered by a funnel: this is where you have to place the sand when the Sand Melter is fully loaded with heat. Again, a valve prevents from any leak.[/size]

[size=4]Finally, a large metallic plate is present at the bottom of the melter: 4 chunks of Raw Glass are pulled out of the melter and lie on that plate at the very end of the process.[/size]

[size=4][log=Making glass: step by step]First of all, you have to load the Sand Melter with Heat: load heat in the Melter, using Heat stones or fully loaded Heat Jars. You need to load 20k heat, for the melter to be activated and ready for use. You can load it in several steps with amounts of heat lower than 20K: the melter is hermetic and will store the heat. When you have loaded 20K or more, the melter is ready and you can move forward.[/size]

[size=4]Now, just insert Sand in the funnel. Press the button and start the process: you almost instantaneously get 4 chunks of Raw Glass. You can use 1 unit of sand or more. But whatever quantity you use, you will only get 4 pieces of raw glass: the extra sand is just wasted in the process, as the melter will filter the sand and use what it needs, leaving the extra part mix into the dust resulting from the process. So yes, to avoid wasting that wonderful sand, it's better to use 1 unit only.[/size]

[size=4][log=Raw Glass... and now what?]As stated at the beginning, Raw Glass is a resource. Not an ordinary resource, as it cannot be gathered but requires manufacturing process. But still a resource: you will use glass as an ingredient for further manufacturing.[/size]

[size=4]The use will be limited only by your imagination. Some ideas have already emerged, from basic tools manufacturing to large industrial projects. Let me cite a few potential uses for Raw glass:[/size]
[size=4]- manufacturing bottles: this is needed for all bar tenders and alcoholics of the realm to get perpetual containers for their drug. Bottles might also be needed for storing perfumes, poisons, essences...[/size]
[size=4]- creating jewels: a pendant made of glass can be a wonderful gift to the lady one loves. Glass can be worked out delicately to provide shiny and complex ornaments[/size]
[size=4]- creating windows. Those architects around might build their house one day. Or a greenhouse for the gardeners of the realm. Raw glass will come in handy for that purpose.[/size]
[size=4]- Decorating an armor or a weapon: yes, why only decorate the ladies neck? An armor or a weapon will be personalized using a jewel made of glass.[/size]

[size=4]Those are existing ideas, but again, use your imagination and tell us... How will you use glass yourself?[/size]

[size=4]PS. I apologize for any gramatical or other error with English language, don't sue me![/size]
[size=4]PPS. I accept any suggestion in regards to formatting that kind of article in the future. Be constructive please![/size]
[size=4]PPPS. Many thanks to Fyrd Argentus, leader of the Legend Speakers for a few corrections (yes, he saved your eyes from seeing the worst...) and advices.[/size]

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I would have 2 questions regarding this topic.

My first question would be how and if fenths work as a substitute when using the sand melting tool. A while ago i tested the essence extractor only to see if it works and although it didn't work it also didn't consume any water and sand i had available, instead it consumed 5 units of fenths out of a larger quantity i had in my inventory. I thought that maybe the sand melter would work in a similar way.

My second question is if it is somehow possible to "save" the sand when you already gathered a bigger quantity. I currently have 20 units of sand so if i wanted some glass would i really need to sacrifice all 20 units to get the same amount of glass as 1 unit?

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Good questions!

1. Fenths: they are of no use with the sand melter. I have been preparing glass while holding fenths and they were not consumed. As far as I know fenths are usable only with"cauldron" like devices (Cauldon, Essence Extractor and Tea pot are those I know). The Sand Melter is not a cauldron.

2. Each sand melter will consume a certain amunt of the sand we are holding. There are currently 2 types of sand melter in the realm:
- independant sand melter (Quantity 2 held by Soothing Sand and myself): those will consume up to 4 sand (among what the tool holder has in pocket) and produce 8 glass at each batch
- GG shared sand melter: those will consume up to 8 sand and produce 4 glass at each batch.
Note: this is the theoritical results according to Mur. I have not tested myself with more than 4 sand in pocket.

Coming back to your example, depending on which tool you are using, you would save 16 sand (and get 8 glass) or 12 sand (and get 4 glass).

LE. Typos

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