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Unproductive Pimped Grasan

Phantom Orchid

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I have a level 2 Pimped Grasan who I named 'Farting Pimp' (as per announcement).

It had been two days, and I had Wiiya's in my inventory, and he still wasn't 'productive.'

It seems like this isn't fixed yet, but perhaps my grasan is lazy...

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I have 10 wiiya in my inventory, and i have a "Leaking Pimp", a "Farting Pimp" and a "Constipated Pimp". None have eaten their wiiya, nor produced anything yet in 2 days. I would echo Fyrd's questio about what triggers the check and how often it is done.

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maybe the grasan needs some heat to start the reaction. have you tried letting it participate in a few fights? thats the only thing i did when i got my wiiya. only the first day and only a few fights. it probably has nothing to do with it...but...who knows?

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they should work just if you have the wiiya in your inventory.
Can someone confirm the normal grasans work and that it is just the pimped version that is broken pls?
Does anyone have a productive pimp?

only level 2 grasan are productive. They do that at 10:10am daily

I will check this when i wake up in a couple of hours

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