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Boss Heads Contest- Statless Edition


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[b][size=5]BHC Statless Edition[/size][/b]

Fighters, It's time for another BHC again. Do you often get called a Stat/Token whore? Do people walk around telling others that without your stats you'd be nothing? Would you like to prove those other players wrong?

Do you feel your superior to grinders because you have more knowledge of the combat system than they do, and only lose because grinders rely so much on their stats? Would you kill for a more level playing field?

If you feel you fit either of those categories than this BHC is definitely for you. In this BHC stats and tokens will be nullified throughout the entire competition. You are allowed to go to any location you feel like during the first stage. When the second stage begins you should be teleported to the heads hill.

Any MP level can sign up for this.

[b][size=4]Date [/size][/b]: The BHC starts on December 3rd at 16:00:00 server time.

[b][size=4]Rules [/size][/b]:
1.Don't use the bug that allows you to take a fighters ball of heads without actually battling them.
2. Don;t use any bugs of any kind. I mentioned attacking with no creatures because it happens so much, but I also don't want to hear of any other bugs. If your going to accuse someone of bugs I want to see some proof from inside the game.

[b][size=4]Participation Requirement[/size][/b] : I will be switching every day between a gold coin and 15 sc's. One day there may be another option, but for now it'll be either a gc or 15 sc's.

[b][size=4]Reward[/size][/b] :

[b]First Place[/b]- 20 gold note, Morph, Tainted, Trophy, BHC medal, and 20 skilldamage.
[b]Second place[/b]- 10 gold note and a morph
[b]Third place[/b]- 10 gold note and a Tainted

[b]Additional Information[/b]:

1.I assume my skilldamage would not effect the fighters who sign up for this BHC, although I'm not 100 percent sure it will. No one would enter the BHC just to avoid my skilldamage for awhile though, would they?
2. Yes, I will tell you how much score it will take to get from stage one to stage two before the BHC starts.
3.The score to reach stage two will be 250,000
4.There will be 6 heads hills in stage two. Each heads hill is set at a gazebo.
5.Stage two will last 48 hours

This should take you to the sign up page: [url="http://magicduel.com/sitegizmo/bosscontest_signup.php"]http://magicduel.com...test_signup.php[/url]

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I'm not 100 percent sure it won't effect the other fighters. Considering skilldamage is a stat, I'd be pretty surprised if it still worked on a competition that nullified your stats.

My guess is around 3-5 weeks.

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I would join but I have the unwanted burden of exams at that time. Good luck to whoever gets the SD. It will get allot harder to make friends. I really like this though. A actual back and white competition the HC may not be fair but I find it hard to find a major flaw in this logic..

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If I will sign up.. I will be able to attack any mp lvl?

I really want the tainted and morph.. haha but i don't think I'm capable enough.. considering my creats are frozen.. ((:

and by stats you mean including ve stats?

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[quote name='Eon' timestamp='1322179851' post='96538']
2. Don't use Elu's on your def for an extended period of time. As far as I'm aware it's a bug, do not abuse it during the BHC.
Either Elus are allowed or they are not, you can't have it both ways so you can use it while you turn around and tell someone else to take it down, just because it suits you.

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I've never used the Elu on my def and I never plan to, therefor there would be no turning around on my part.

I put down "extended period of time" because eventually when someone idles his or her creatures are going to be killed and the only thing they'll have left is the Elu. If the person became active they would need to have creatures alive. I consider someone talking and moving as being active.

I'm trying to make this fair. This way people with Elu's can compete and everyone can be attacked most of the time.

If I was trying to change things in my favor I would be changing a lot more than just this.

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