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Value of Shades

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I'm curious of the current value of shades.

From the MagicDuel Wiki:

[b][u]Sword Shade Family:[/u][/b] This creature family has no offical name but is has been named by the greater MD Community as the Sword Shade as it is carrying a sword, and is reminiscent of a Shade, though it has never been confirmed as being a Shade. The Sword Shade is not fully implemented, and so has no stats and cannot be used in [url="http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/Combat"]combat[/url].

[u][b]Shade Family:[/b][/u] As fighters, the Shades are rather weak damagers without any interesting effects, as all of us know since the tutorial. Their rarity stems of their impact on the realm. They are a driving force of the realm who prefers to stay hidden, and have a unique connection to each other, the people in MD and to time itself, which requires them to be a lot rarer than most creatures.

[u][b]References: [/b][/u]








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