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Shared items bug


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there is a bug with shared items.... when I have got 3 shared item I shouldn't be able to get other ones... if I have got 3 shared items and someone try to give me another one or I try to get one from a Item collecting place it works and I can't get it... instead if I have got 3 shared items and I go to a place where they are given out I can continue to get them until I haven't reached the max items that I can get from that place....
example... I have got a memory stone detector, a reality coagulator and 20 cups... if I go into GG and try to get a jar I'm able to do this...

another thing that i don't know if it's a bug or not... if I get 2 shared items that have the same utily I can use them separately... I think this is abusive...
example... I have got 2 reality coagulator I can use them at the same time...
there is the possibility that if you have got 2 shared items that are equal when you use one of them also the other one get the countdown...


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Ann. 2071 - [2011-11-10 04:52:36 - Stage 11]
Trading shared items interface restrictions
Shared items can no longer be transfered if the target player already holds two or more other shared items. In some situations you might require having multiple shared items , such as the cauldrons for example. Remember the cauldrons are designed for collaborative play and not single-player activity. There is still a way to hold multiple items, so you can enjoy collecting more types of resources for example. All you need to do is go and grab them yourself! Its only the transfer that is restricted by the interface not also the grabbing of items directly from the item dispatcher.

You can get more than 3 items by grabbing them yourself, you only can't get more items when someone else gives them to you.

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