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Unaccepted GC Gathering Requests


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These are the following things that won't be accepted for auction (that I have requested). Feel free to post your own, so that others may save the trouble of asking for them, and to save Mur time from having to read multiples.

Lumber Resource Collector
Water Resource Collector
Memory Stone Resource Collector
Heat Resource Collector
Wiiya Resource Collector
Herb Resource Collector
MP6 Token
Send to Knator's Vacation House Spell
Control of Empty Aramor
Mur Level Invisibility

Others I know to have been denied:

Access to Angien Shrine


Mur won't respond to the Auction Requests.

You won't know if it was accepted or denied until Mur posts another set of Auctions.

If you had submitted it before those auctions went up, and still isn't up, it has most likely been denied.

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