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avatar vault - cant store avy


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this has been mentioned around for some time but i dont see it being posted

so if player has 1 avy and tries to put it in vault it wont happen which also results in following things to happen

if you buy another avy from shop, your old avy gets put in shop and you dont get credit refunded for it but you still pay additional credit for your new avy

how it should work?

ya should be able to store avy in your vault regardless of number of avys ya posses

buying additional avatars from shop should put that avy in your vault, or put your old one in vault and make new one active, so old avy shouldnt be put back in shop

the way it currently works is old avatar shop mechanic, before vault and avy trading got introduced, and by vault offered options (to store avy inside, to return avy to shop for 1 cred refund) its logical that you could put active avy to your vault, and that return avy to shop gives cred back, and buying avy costs 1 cred as well, so even if it was maybe meant to be the way it is... shouldnt then replacing current avy by new one from shop be free of charge? since old one goes to shop, ofc this is just the matter of clicking few buttons, so atm one can manually return avy to shop and then buy new one, which will make purchase free of charge, but if he does it by just clicking to buy new avy, result will be same but player loses 1 additional credit, makes no sense to me

OR maybe i misinterpreted the whole thing and it actually works as designed... but then again shouldnt there be some way to make players able to buy more than just 1 avy from shop without the need of transferring them between accs? becoz atm if ya wanna get more than 1 avy from shop, ya need to put one back in there, which makes no sense since ya have 8 slots in avy vault to use...

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