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By its' very definition, a slave is the legal property of an owner, forced to obey their wishes. If this were the singular definition for a slave in MD terms, wouldn't the idea of "buying" the rights to someone, from that person be impossible?

If the property of a slave becomes the owner's at the time of sale, how can any slave turn a profit from selling themselves? Or is slavery in md just control of a person's free will, save giving away their items and such?

Maybe slavery changes to a certain degree, depending on how a person was sold. A slavery auction is supposed to be fun, where you have your slave perform certain tasks, slavery by Mur's definition is having a leash around your throat, Hedge's definition is having ownership to a person permanently, etc.?

Is there a way to define slave in MD terms that encompasses the opinions of everyone? Please share your thoughts and opinions.

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In RL, slaves are objects, unlike persons, who are subjects. They've got very little rights, specially not the rights subjects have. You can see that in roman laws.

What you do in MD is more like... employment, actually. It's just called slavery because employment doesn't sound like fun.

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Employment is more continued payment, rather than one off though...

It's more certain rights related to the person that are being sold, partial slavery, rather than total. You have the right to sell yourself if you needed the money, but then you'd have to try and find a way to buy yourself back later

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I would consider this more like indentured servitude.

Though, with Mur allowing requests for slaves, his terms seem more like actual slavery (permanent, and able to be traded between slave buyers...).

Though, I've edited my thread to where now it is merely a sort of 'sign-up' sheet for slave-owners.


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