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debate: mdshop and alts


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how i currently understand it, ya are allowed to transfer coins ya bought in mdshop with REAL MONEY between your accounts, even if by the rules ya arent allowed to trade between your accounts since ya actually paid for those coins, they are yours no matter what, so shouldnt them be the same for shop creats if they are paid with real money?

imo this type of transfers shouldnt be allowed, if ya used real money to buy somethin from shop on one of your accs, and then ya are givin it to another is abuse, why? cuz ya dont have to use shop reset if ya dont want or dont have any spare ones left

from mine point of view this is a way to bypass shop quantity limitations

so question is, is it still allowed to transfer coins between accs if that coins one bought in mdshop with real money?

if answer to this question is yes, then we can continue with debate:

should it be then also allowed to transfer creats if they paid with real money, or should this get on blacklist

why i didnt mailed this to council?
cuz i feel this has a room for debate and since bunch of ppl got warmed up on this alt questions, i guess many would like to know it, so i make it public, also i dont think that council has authority over md finances :P so this would me more of a rule for mur to set, and in the end i dont want to know for myself, i am rather interested in this due to possible prosecute reasons in future :D

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If I remember right the rules changed a while back and now you're no longer allowed to exchange coins and other items between accounts under any circumstances. Even when you buy them from the shop you buy them for that account, otherwise using alts you can gain as many coins as you have money for.

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I seem to be unable to find an announcement about it either, other than:

[color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 2217 - [2012-02-24 17:12:40 - Stage 11][/color]
To clarify some questions about alt abuse:
Any use of alt accounts specifically to aid your main is abuse. Any use of someone's multiple alt accounts to help another is abuse. [u]All trades between your own accounts is banned.[/u] Using one or more players to help circumvent this ban is also abuse and everyone involved will be punished.
Alts are meant to be played to experience different gameplay, or generally have fun doing things. Any use of accounts to specifically benefit yourself or another without actively playing them is abuse and should be reported.
If in doubt, contact us.


[color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 1999 - [2011-08-23 06:25:02 - Stage 11][/color]
[b]No more item transfers between potential alts[/b]
Items can no longer be transfered between what MD considers to be "alts". I say it this way because not all accounts restricted by the altchecker are alts, some are different people accessing md from same network, others are accounts "borrowed" for active days keeping to friends (md tags them as alts then) others are not even that. This might be damaging for people that live in same place and can no longer exchange items in md, but the benefits of restricting alts from item/resources transfer are far more important. This should slow down (at least a bit) potential future abuses related to the shared tools acquiring and resource hoarding.

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as i said, this is unclear on this matter when ya pay for somethin, and as for your first quote as i also said, i doubt council has authority over fund makin part of game, as for second anno quote, yes i found that one out, and thing that made me unsure was if date of post (in which mur said that coins paid with real money are transferable) was after or before that announcement, cuz i was unable to find that post, but i think he said it later as a reply to that very same announcement or alt abuse question, unsure >_>

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Its actually pretty clear. You can't trade coins between your accounts.

Used to be allowed to, but as of those announcements you cant.

No item trading of any kind. The interface restricts it.

Want to buy coins from the MD shop on your alt? That's fine. But they are your alts, not your main accounts.

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