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Boss Heads Contest


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It's time for another BHC again. In this BHC fighters will battle all throughout the realm, excluding locations like path keeper, Fields of Fear, Inside the GG mountain, and any other area that isn't normally accessible. I'll allow WP locations.

Any MP level can join, and all MP levels can attack one another.

The second stage will start once the top scorer reaches 400,000 score, and it will last for 72 hours.


First Place: One morph, a normal BHC medal, and +20 skilldamage stat.
Second Place: Tainted Angien
Third Place: 10 gold coins

[b][size=5]Sign Up[/size][/b]


I will keep switching between silver coins and gold. I might give some different options later.


It will start on "Server time: May 17 17:00:00"


1. Players must be able to attack you at all times, unless you're not in the same location, or you're in a sanc with less than 7 heads. You must have creatures for other fighters to attack. Yes, I'm making sure people can't just ghost their way throughout the entire BHC.

2. Don't take a players head's without battling creatures. That means don't kill off your creatures and try to take heads that way. You can RP the heads.

3. Don't use bugs.

Pretty simple.

[b]If I feel something needs to be changed I'll change it.[/b]

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Seig was talking about ghost. And it makes sense, because last BHC i used the elu which prevented attacks, and Eon got angry. The only problem I see with this is that - someone can use a wishpoint to get entrance to a "secret" location, but they can't use the spells they get from the WP shop.

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It conflicts with being attackable at all times, and this rule stands.

I once watched someone spend most, if not all their time during the second stage of an HC cloaked/ghosted. I remember witnessing seig say he was going to use his cloak during a BHC to try to win it. That was awhile ago but I haven't forgotten. Let me tell you guy's something. As long as I'm the Boss Heads Master, this will never happen in the BHC.

If you have a problem with that then don't sign up.

Mirror, attack lock, and just about everything else is fine.

WP locations aren't that secretive in my opinion.

Like I said, the rules stand.

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I have no intention on participating what so ever, just questioning your thinking, and your ethics behind this "rule".

It just seems silly to ban the use of a single spell for no reason.

Why not ban any spell that prevents people from using all their creatures, like the multi spell. Or spells that alter a person's ritual, like the Other Army spell?

Why just Invisibility?

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Anyone who has the ability to use the Ghost/Invisibility Spell.

It seems quite biased.

Why is it that you are so against this spell, but none of the others that effect combat? If someone can't be attacked because of a spell, that seems like a fair tactic. They will eventually run out of casts.

It just seems a bit.... fishy.

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I'm against people not being attackable like I have been in side events and the last BHC. Why have you never spoken up before? Is it because you now have your cloak and you can't do the exact thing I witnessed you say you were going to do? Disappointed you can't sell the use of your cloak to someone else?

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[quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1337047018' post='111890']
Nope, but it prevents them from using their abilities.

I just wanted to point out the biased nature of your "contest".
Yoshi won the first BHC because he couldn't be attacked, guess what happened in the next one? Mur decided to make all BHC competitors able to attack each other. Was that biased against Yoshi, or other MP3s? This is the same thing, Eon is simply reacting to events that he witnessed before they take place within BHC, rather than after they're used to win.

As for limited casts, Seig, you have an item that grants ghost, do you not? I don't know how many uses it's got, but it would certainly give an edge over other competitors who only had the WPShop spell to work with. How would you call that fair?

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My opinion is that this is very clear.
The other spells like Mirror, noMulti, OtherArmy and such are "knowing how combat works" and meddling with it to your favor if cast.
Ghost simply removes the combat option entirely, and is thus "not a fight".
This is a Heads contest. It is all about fighting. Boss heads particularly so. Thus, you need to fight.
No where does is say "Heads contest is fair", but I think the rule is quite "balanced" in it's own way.

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Chewett, I have no intention on giving my cloak to someone to use, nor do I plan on selling it, nor do I plan on using it myself during the BHC.

HC is supposed to be unfair. How is it unfair if people can't use all their spells during the fight?

I don't know, I just think it's funny that the fight isn't just who can attack each other the most, but who can use everything available to them the most efficiently.

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fenrir, the way ya are sayin it...

[quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1337047018' post='111890']
but it prevents them from using their abilities.

I don't know, I just think it's funny that the fight isn't just who can attack each other the most, but who can use everything available to them the most efficiently.

well then why stop at one spell rule, ya knuw some ppl are able to use bugs at their benefits, its just another tool at their disposal, why nut allow those? ya "earned" yoar item, ya should be able to "use" it, well there are ppl who took time and effort in discoverin bugs, many are fixed, some aint :P in other words why nut allow them to use wut they "earned", this just a rough example

also unfair doesnt mean it has no rules, dont forget that

explainin this rule to ya is the same as explainin to spartiatis about his death and drachs

ya are just another one who sees somethin they dont like and starts whinin even though it has no sense, this is combat contest, if ya wanna participate and use tactics of evadin yoar enemies then RUN, realm is big enough

also i bet that once there will be some counter-ghost spell, yoar ghost/invis spell will be allowed, everythin thats in contest must have its counterpart

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