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Greetings Everyone! Many Deaths occured lately and so the Caretakers came up with a new Quest.

the Ghost's of [u]Sagewoman, Chewett and Spartiatis[/u] are still haunting this Realm.....so what's the Solution for their pitty? right....a burial!!!

But there is still a Problem that hast to be solved.....we need Coffins for the Dead ones(and an Ash Urn for Spartiatis of course)

- [b][u]How to Start[/u][/b]: Draw a Picture of [u]a coffin for Sagewoman and Chewett, and an Ash Urn for Spartiatis[/u], that YOU think Suits best for one of those three(multiple paintings/drawings/etc. are possible), if you're finished then please post your drawing in this Topic so everybody can see them ([b]we do not accept Pm's![/b])

- [b][u]Requirements[/u][/b]: None, Everybody can Particapate in this Quest!

- [b][u]Rewards[/u][/b]: For every coffin (or urn) the best drawing will be rewarded with 1GC and 5SC

- [u][b]Quest Start[/b][/u]: Now!

- [b][u]Quest Ends[/u][/b]: We will keep this Quest up for [b]3 Weeks or till they Revive, whatever comes first![/b]

So Questers, The Caretakers wish you Good luck and [b]HAPPY COFFENING[/b]! [b]MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!![/b]

[b]if you got Questions then feel free to state them here or Pm us.[/b]


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[quote]Please state any restriction you may have in the making of the drawings (or for the entry to be valid) or special requirement you may have[/quote]

There aren't any Restrictions, you can use every type of drawing Material/Programm/etc.(
only thing we expect is that People do not Upload any Pictures from Coffins(and Urns) that already exist, by taking them from the Internet)

Regards, X

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[quote name='Grido' timestamp='1339604760' post='114634']
Sagewoman is dead? Since when?

Not quite dead but advanced in age. I have medical issues that I am dealing with and I no longer have much interest in the realm. However, it seems there are some who are dragging their heels and trying to keep me from dying quietly *coughphantasmcough* hence this quest. I'm not labeled DEAD but not quite "dead" yet either as there is not true death in MD, yada, yada, yada, as all of us that leave always seem to come back. SO! I have three weeks of "life" till my Coffin is chosen and I'm stuffed in room 10 at Defense Quarters. Once in awhile, I'll make appearances like at All Hallows Eve, MurMass and maybe on Birthdays.

Let's all have FUN. Chat me up if you can find me. Beat the crap out of my Army if you find me Idle (you know who you are). Kidnap me. You got 3 weeks. XD

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*rubs neck from strain* Well! I have to say I love the sword! Is it detachable and easily stolen or is it like Excalibur and only a Heart thats pure, pull it from the coffin? I like that the coffin in it's self is simplistic and that there are vines already growing around it so it's been there for some time already. Very nice.

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@ SageWoman

My Lady this is a special case with you still with us alive.

I had to take an magical potion made of many rare herbs according to an anciant receipy , that i tried for that occasion.

Seeking a "vision", then i saw what i draw later, was this an alternate reality, or futur, or even simply an halusination i had?

I Draw my "vision", having an impression of peace, and magical power comming from what i saw and having a feeling of reverence ..

Under that "vision" I did not try to take the sword, so i dont know if one can take it.

If indeed its truly your coffin; Maybe the sword as a special meaning for you, or for your sisters of The Sisterhood, or the Gardian of the root or your friends; maybe some of them put protective spells, ... that i dont know.

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first of all, every single artwork of you is unique and great, nice to see you taking part in this quest :)

about the judges, we are still searching for the right ones, if we do not find them then we (the Caretakers) will judge your Art's.

so people, keep on rocking! you are awesome! hope to see some more drawings, [b]you've still got 2 weeks![/b]

regards, X

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The dead has been awaken. To give those who may be finishing up drawings a chance we will run this quest until Saturday. The judges are as follows.
Sagewoman will choose her coffin of choice
Sparticius will choose his urn of choice
Chewetts coffin will be decided in a public poll of which is liked best.

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The urn of Tom Pounce has a spartan theme, and technique in high relief was pretty cool, so I get no option but to choose his.
Gonzalo and Amber get a +1 for original draws as well.

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