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An adventure to the MDA : shout-out to MP3s

The MoM

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For all MP3s who haven't been to the MDA (it's beyond the gate if you keep heading North from Wind's crossing) then this is your chance to visit another land (it should be your 3rd) in addition to :
1. getting your papers (hate list, personal papers)
2. getting to meet Awiiya
2. getting to see the MDA and the 4 gazebos
3. getting to unlock something (I won't spoil ^^)

The problem is the 200AP cost for passing the gate + the high viscosity, so here's what we're going to do:

we're going to gather as much of us as possible to lower viscosity, and we're going to solve some of Fyrd's quests for spicy pickles. That + voting = enough for the trip...

Note for non-MP3s : you can also join us (it'd be better if you do --> lower viscosity) it'd be a lot of help for 'us' new kids
optimally, I want 15 to come, ...
anymore than 10 and we'll continue, any less... well it depends then :)

first time around [spoiler]
Time : Sometime this week

List Of Attending (comment so I can add you) [7/10] :
Master Of Mar
Eara ;)
Vicious Chaossword
The Warrior
Plix Plox
Generous Madmen

**special thanks for DARK DEMON for doing a lot of the recruiting**
**special thanks to Fyrd for offering pickles to pass through the gate**

second time :
this time, I will only add MP3s to the list, eventhough higher levels can and are encouraged to come along.

List (2 so far) :
Vicious chaossword

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I'll happy to hand out a spicy pickle to anybody trying to get through the MDA gate.

Just PM me and go idle in Wind's Sanctuary, and I can pass over a spicy pickle.

For new players - I also several limited casts of a nice heal spell, and can help in other ways. I'm happy to answer questions.

I generally regain conciousness several times a day - just leave me a note and be patient. That ale is tricky......

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  • Root Admin

[quote name='awiiya' timestamp='1343288993' post='118215']
Also can someone get me back to my spot? Stuck at the GoE.


Send a pm to Bfh, he has a shedload of spells

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ofcourse Nava, that would be a lot of help... I even wanted to ask someone to be our tour guide, but didn't know who (from those coming with us) would be the most fit for it :)

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technically, you missed it, but due to the.. very few people who did come (less MP3s and more non-MP3s) I believe we'll do it again sometime soon... for any MP3 who still wishes to go, pm me in forum or comment, and once we're a good number, I'll open a chat b/w us, and we'll see when's the best time to go...

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