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Giving away creatures

Dominus Lux

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I wasn't sure where to put this, so I just shoved it here in no man's land. Hope that's alright. ^^"

Annyway, I haven't played this game in somewhere around a year, and I just stumbled upon it once again today. Now, I honestly don't have much of an interest playing again, or at least if I do I'll just start a new character, since I've become so detached from this one.
Point of the story?
I have a small collection of creatures on this profile, and I'd hate for them to go to waste.
Now, these creatures are nothing really to write home about, other than the fact that they're all aged by around a full year.
However, I would be happy to give them all away to whoever asks for them. I sure won't be using them anymore! lol

So, if you want a creature or two, let me know on here and be sure to include the character name I should gift to.
If you're looking for something specific, I have:
Aramor Assasin (2)
Grassan II (3)
Dark Archer (2)
Heritic Archer (2)
Joker (1)
Ed The Snowman (1)

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Just so you know, the snowman is worth a lot (one's currently selling for 14 gold), but you're right, it's worthless to any new character that you make.

Perhaps you'd like to use it to fund a quest you support instead? The joker is also worth something more than the others, but not nearly anything compared to the snowman.

If you are still going to give it away, I'd like it, but it seems Grido beat me to it. :rolleyes: Oh, and that's Change.

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I fully believe this one is a morphed version, the ctc is still available to be given out though.

If you choose to play with this account, or there is the chance you might, keep the creatures or sell them. If you start a new account, there is little point in selling as the payment wouldn't end up on your new account.

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If you would prefer and Grido would consent, the TK (Well, I as a member, anyways. Haven't talked to anyone else at the moment.) would like Ed the Snowman to (eventually, after it can be traded) be put in the treasury and given out as a sponsored quest reward. Let me know if you have any questions.

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