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Donate to lose weight


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Vending machines are evil things--evil I tell you! :angry: They have these bags of chips for $1.50 each, and they're not even that big! If I go to the grocery store, I could get a much bigger bag for only $3.00! It's such a rip-off. There are also these dried mangos at the store for $5 each. They're probably really bad for me, but oh are they ever tasty! I just can't help myself with this kind of stuff (despite being a vegan). That is, until I realized something.

$1.50 x 20 (I bought something from a vending machine once every day or so) + $5 x 4 (I bought the dried mangos once every week) = $50!!

Fifty dollars! I really needed to stop spending all this money on junk food. I also had a $5/month subscription to magicduel. I figured that I could easily pay $5 a month (or 16 cents a day) when I was regularly buying chips that cost $1.50 each. The problem was, only having a $5 subscription to magicduel made me feel like I could afford to buy other things on the internet, such as cards on an online trading card game (TCG). For me, MD is less conductive to being a money sink than some games are. Anyways, this meant that I was spending $30-40 a month on card games and such. I felt that I could afford it because I was paying 'only $5 a month' for magicduel (and similar small amounts for online magazine subscriptions).

I'm a student, and I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination. I was double over my mental credit limit (my limit is 5x larger than it needs to be for groceries so that I can buy textbooks/go to the dentist and such.) Something needed to change. Then, a solution hit me.

I'll just up my magicduel subscription to $30 a month! That's the perfect solution! Now before you say, 'HOW??' hear me out. While $5 was easy to ignore, $30 definitely wasn't. So, I stopped buying chips and sugary snacks because I knew that I couldn't afford them due to my subscription. This completely got rid of the $50 that I was spending a month previously. I also stopped buying cards in online card games, and I'm now only donating to one other game that I think really deserves it. It's a LOT bigger than magicduel though, so it doesn't really need my money that much.

In conclusion, becoming a bronze subscriber saved me quite a bit over $20 a month! It's saved me enough money that I can occassionally donate even more to games like magicduel. Now I know that some of you can't afford a subscription, which I understand perfectly. I'm just really lucky that one of my parents retired after working at the university that I'm going to, which (due to a university policy) means that I get 50% off of my tuition.

However, I'm sure that there are some of you like me who spend money on things like chips which only gain you weight. Why not convert that chip and candy money into shiny, pretty, tokens? Tokens last a lot longer, that's for sure! ^_^ Also, I recommend getting a subscription as opposed to buying credit packs. Subscriptions are much harder to think of as insignificant, at least for me.

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Apparently, I suck at math.
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So... Dear Change.. you're suggesting that we grow our crits fat, rather than ourselves?!? I love your idea, it sounds a bit necrovionish too, for which I greet you ;) Even though I have put some of your reasons to practical use a while ago, I still greet you for the reminder, that we can mock our crits and item-companions even more :D

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[quote name='Nimrodel' timestamp='1367063114' post='135366']
so the anorexic ones should stop supporting the game? Or die? >:3

Yes >=]

Yes im all for this, only the curvy women shall live, and that is otay with me >:3

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Apparently Fang wants me dead. While I'm fine with eating large quantities of food, I have to really motivate myself to eat things in the first place. 2000-2500 calories is a lot. I think that I might have a very mild form of anorexia, although my lack of motivation might come from other factors. Men increasingly suffer from anorexia too. Only the chubby chaps will live, Fang?

So yes, that particular irony wasn't lost on me. :P Maybe I should start a rant on all of the dumb foods with no calories/reduced calories. What about the naturally skinny people like me who need all the calories that they can get?

It really should be 'donate to be healthier' but.. donate to lose weight rhymed. Yeah.

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Considering im 6'1" and only weigh 145 (regardless of how much i eat, and trust me, i eat like i hate life xD) i cant seem to gain any weight o-o

So... wed die together D:

Change and Fang, so awesome, even in death they stay the same xDDDD (so much irony in that last statement, so much play on words x3)


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Lol. Right! I eat three to four times as much as the normal person, but my metabolism is so fast that I have not gained a single pound in ten years! There is nothing I can do to gain weight. I've tried everything.

How could you abandon our card games change?! Don't you want to play with me anymore? :,( also out of curiosity what is the other bigger game?

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