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The NTC is officially under way. The first big trip to Golemus Golemicarum is planned for sometime next month. Falronn, Syrian, and I, will be accompanying all the Little Ones (And not so Little Ones that decide to join us to help lower viscosity) on this Adventure. We will not only show the New Ones new scenes, we will also teach of the ways of GG, it's history, it's Lore, and it's ways. Everyone and anyone is more than welcome to join us, and if you plan to be a part of this Adventure, I suggest you sign your name below.

Help us breed the next generation of Young Blood. Help us teach the ways of Old. Help us make a Generation we can be proud of, and the rewards will show themselves in time, wisdom, love, and a connection, that can't be established in any other way.

~ Fang Lycanus Archbane

Edit: Syrian, make sure to save up at least 20 Pickles so we can get the Kids out of GG. if you can not due to the cap, I will talk to the Council about having the Pickles rot every week.

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[quote name='rikstar' timestamp='1367622370' post='135660']
I'll try to be there Fang. I'll also try to get some presents for the little ones. :D

That is good, that is good. Just because you're our No Mans Land Specialist doesn't mean you can't have some fun in GG, i like that ( ^^)

And yay presents! Might as well change our name to Santas Little Helpers (Kidding xD).

Presents are definitely not mandatory, but if you could and it wouldnt be too much trouble for you, im sure the Kiddys would appreciate it.

[quote name='Syrian' timestamp='1367624273' post='135661']
i am capped at 4 pickles now, i just gave out the pickles you sponsored for my quest

*looks to his watch*

Well look at that. Looks like it's time to email the Council.

[quote name='Jester' timestamp='1367632614' post='135670']
I wouldn't mind joining you. I can't teach about the ways of GG but I still remember the Illusions test and could talk about that.

That would be perfect =D

Besides, we have Falronns dwarfy bum to teach of the ways, the Powerful and Mighty Jester can teach of something fun!... Like Illusions in the days of Old! ( ^^)

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we will also teach of the ways of GG, it's history, it's Lore, and it's ways.


I'd like to look over this information / what you're telling them please, just to be sure it's all correct :)

That is, prior to this event taking place.



If I'm free, will join you, but I have no idea if I will be.

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the trip will be some time next month, some time on a weekday (not friday evening) due to Grido's availability. This to me seems like the best idea as it would be beneficial to have Grido attend the trip, if anyone else has any time restrictions or days they cannot make please make them known here

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Gridos very correct :D

Some crazy things have been takiong my time irl as of late, so for now, the NTCo. is in the hands of Syrian and Falronn.

They will be the ones scheduling the trips to GG once a month.

Sy will cover the little ones getting out via pickles, Falronn will be the knowledge base.

I originally wanted to attend and observe, along with learn with everyone else, but like i said, irl is a bit hectic atm xD

So Just do as you two think is best Falfal and Sysy, i have complete and utter trust in you ( ^^)

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hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum and I greet you all with it, and would also like to apply myself with it for participation on this tour, as I would like to experience this mysterious island from the inside and learn more about it, and it's society.


it's just I would like to know roughly when this tour could take place, or if it will take place since I'm the only newbie applying, well at least on the forum.

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As of right now, Falronn and Syrian run it my newfound friend.

And hey, it's all good, you want to learn, they want to teach, I feel this'll work out just fine ( ^_^)

But yes, contact Syrian first either via forum or in game. I'm sure she can set a tour up soon enough and take anyone willing to learn =]

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