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Strange behavior of messages and cloud sorting feature

Valldore Nal

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I tried to use the sorting cloud feature again after a long time and i found out something strange. 


When i moved a message to one of the "icon"-categories of the cloud, the message seemed to move there. But after i reopened my messages list, i got to see in the list the message i previously had moved to the cloud as well. If i'm not mistaken that wasn't working like that in the past (the message was being moved and then in order to read it again you had to open the "icon" where it was moved)


If i make a choice from the label links on top of the message box (for example if i chose none), the message that got in the cloud (which gets a small mark indicator next to the name of the one that send it) it disappears from the received messages list. But if you leave the received message list and then go back (either by closing the window and reopening it, or by going to outgoing messages and then back to received ones) the messages that were moved to the cloud appear again.

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Found something else strange related to the sorting cloud feature. 


When you move messages in the categories labeled 10 - 19, the message appears also in category labeled 1 (to be honest, i checked around 4 or 5 of the 10-19 categories, got a bit pissed with the cloud before managing to check them all, but the issue was with all i checked so it's prob the same case with the rest) and if you put a message in category 20, it appears on category 2 as well (checked)

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I don't know of anyone who uses it regularly (though many may and just don't mention it.) Personal experience: it makes Flash run so slowly on any browser that I've blocked the cloud with Adblock Plus. Together with the recent issues with the PMs-to-email feature, which was previously an invaluable if somewhat un-MD failsafe, and the usefulness of the search function, I don't see much of a need for the cloud feature (though I'd certainly mourn its passing were it to ever go.)

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Item cloud is murs code, its faffy, flash, and scary. Needless to say I dont use it.


I will spend some time looking into it sometime and will probably make a non flash version of it, basic tabular style, but wont be too soon.

Secondary topic: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14086-personal-messages-sorting-cloud/

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