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  • Root Admin

Since it looks like im not going to be able to be in work this week due to some "fun" i plan to work on the game backend as much as possible.


During this period of time its very likely things will break, Please use normal bug reporting practices and wait at least an hour after it has broken to come onto the forum/email me about it.


I plan to be working on some of the most ancient parts of MD fixing them up so that they are easier to work with making new features. You wont see any changes to the front end of MD but this should allow coding other features to be easier and more manageable. The reasons this needs to be done because MD has gone through a lot of changes over the past 8+ years and some of the code hasnt been changed since then.

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  • Root Admin

It should be back online while work is continued now.

New login system is currently processing all of the records. Gimme a minute and i will force a refresh,

Cool everyone should be able to login properly again. Game will be slow while it processes all of the player records.

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  • Root Admin

i am in both in panic and excitement..not knowing exactly what buttons chewy presses there :s


:) good luck

11k accounts processed, 112k left to process.

Yeah... So im kinda using all the CPU to process it faster... you might not be able to access it,

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  • Root Admin

23k accounts left.


Iv set the server doing another 10ishk so its going to be slow until it finishes. Im going to bed and will finish it up tomorrow.


If people encounter issues logging in or anything to do with the login system please post them up, these changes worked on the backend login system.

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