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Resources - they are unbalanced


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I know they are unbalanced, so does Mur, and the council, and anyone who plays md.

We, me, Mur, council and everyone working in autumn2060 are discussing this and have been for a while, we just haven't got around to doing anything about it yet. So I'm going to make a job to get the data we need and then we have a base to move on from.

At the moment it's all in a testing, not balanced, phase and as soon as there are many useful uses resources (autumn) then we are going to make some things fairer.

So, be patient, wait for changes, then complain again!

Ps: on train, phone keyboard bad, ignore typing errors

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  • Root Admin

you should focus to balance JUST the resources that currently have a use. From the other resources you should learn how many they could be gathered and balance whatever comes next to use them, to fit those numbers. for example, lumber and branches are not used atm, so it would be pointless to "balance" anything about them..instead be aware of their numbers and gathering speed (avg per regular player and avg per motivated gatherer) and consider that info when setting new things that require wood. Water will be used in massive quantities in the new quest, but in the sense that it will be used by many, not in large ammounts actually. Increasing the number of buckets, plus the low efficiency buckets i think i mentioned in autumn2050, will contribute to water balancing.


I am also very curious what the most unbalanced resource is atm... because i have no idea what it could be and being "blind" in any aspect of md evolution kind of kreeps me out a bit :P

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Do I dare mention herbs?

If I'm not mistaken anyone can use a loreroot herb basket and they all harvest at the same rate. Herbs are the most balanced of all the resources from what I can tell. Atleast you don't have special baskets that are three times as fast as everyone else's.

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As this is really far way from topic, i have a question from you: what would happen if you'd have 1000 of same & each resource in a single place ?

What's the worst that can happen ?



As for :

As i have said before we are looking into trying to balance the resources. I have contacted a couple people to help me do some investigation but it appears people dont want to help, i shall have to make another forum post when i have time.

Resources need more balance, and they will, we just need to get some stats and do some legwork first.


Why don't you update "List of resources (from  Awiiya's K doc).xls".


Also, you can read this as a feedback .

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