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Words our code doesn't like - bug/question


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I have no idea what's going on here. I'm aware that there are words the code doesn't like, like "ini", "try" and many others. Because i hate avoiding all those random letter-combinations, i almost always write my texts in the content-bit and go with 

echo @content[x]


for the php-bit, to avoid issues.
But now i found something the code seems to hate even more, "terror".
When your text contains "terror" on the content-side and you let the php-side echo that specific content, it works, but shows the whole block of text as warning message before working.
Why is that, and are there other words that make the code choke? Because it took me ages to find what actually triggered it in that block of text i wanted echoed -.-

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indeed, it dislikes the "error" bit about it, not the whole word :))


still, same issue, why does it do that?! it should just echo the freaking contents, not bother about them -.-

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Because thats how rendril coded it. To try and ensure people dont write bad php and break MD... or worse.


Changes could be, removing MD script entirely, leaving it for rendril to fix when he gets back soon, i look at it.


I think the second option is a nice one.

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