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regen timer tick glitch/bug

Ary Endleg

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oke chewett here it is :p

latest win7/ff/flash

regen timer tick glitch

- control check
after login or after it ticks and you refresh to verify that it happened, take note of time on any clock, or even open stopwatch although any clock will do it
wait for it to tick, dont tab out of md, dont go to facebook or youtube or anywhere or if you do, come back before time runs out and refresh and stay active in md tab when timer runs out, wait a bit for response on flash thingy with stats or refresh manually
you will notice tick happened

-requirement and steps to reproduce
md in one tab, few other tabs open or other application opened, lets say notepad (point is to switch focus on your pc to anything that isnt md game)
do first step exactly as in control check
now tab out to something else, and dont go back to md tab until by you are sure according to your time reference to another clock/stopwatch that it ticked (give it a some extra time like a minute so that you can clearly notice changes)
come back to md tab and check if tick happened (refresh), and you will see that timer isnt at 9 min (assuming you waited that extra minute on stop watch) but its back at 10 mins (full timer counting down) btw it might take 2 refreshes, sometimes it shows time on first refresh as you expect it to be, but on second refresh it will show proper time which is full regen time (10 mins minus those few seconds in between first and second refresh), however ap will be added at first refresh, so wise its fine, you only lost some minutes

so lets say you were supposed to have 1 min left on your timer and you come back from other tab after lets say 18 min, it wont be 1-2 min left as you expect it in fact system will start counting from full regen timer, if you come back and dont refresh and just wait for regen timer to tick and then you get supprised that no ap was added and you refresh you will see either full regen timer or full regen timer minus the time you were playing after you tabbed back in (depending if you just stare at game or click around, timer gets reset when you do something ingame)

but if you come back lets say 23 mins after, second tick will happen as well because server didnt received any activity from you and checks that your stats arent fully regenerated and does tick (because it seems to check if you need regen after full regen timer has passed and it didnt receive any activity from you, so it acts same way as if you idled/logged out)

in short if you just got your ap, and moved and tabbed out to do something else you will lose some minutes if you arent active in md tab during the time of a tick, because clock will reset inproperly which means your precious minutes are stolen from you aka your regeneration is slowed

simple english: tabbing out counts the same as clicking idle/logout for the regen timer

at least thats what happens to me, anyone else?

oke scratch the above, too lazy to edit, its not just by tabbing out, just staring at md tab alone and adding some time after tick then starting to be active will reset regen timer
exact diagnosis is when regen timer ticks it freezes until you start doing stuff inside the game (any action that involves server will do it) regen timer unfreezes once server has first time communication with you after last regen tick
i am pretty damn sure if you just leave it open and do nothing while in your location people are chatting, hence server send stuff to you, it would count as action and unfreeze regen timer after tick, assuming you are looking at chat and not at your creats for example, same goes for pm i think and/or anything other form of server initiated communication, even maybe people passing through location, server sends you update on list (cant verify this atm, i double checked everything else)

so to pile this edit with above, if you aint active while game is open exactly during tick, regen timer stops, if you do anything lets say minute after tick, that minute was wasted, but if you remain inactive until that timer during which you havent clicked anything runs out, tick will happen and ap will be added and it will froze again, just like idle mode, so if you know you havent been playing during this tick, better wait out till it runs out if it has like minute or few left and then show activity (unless chat exception happened)

this might be a problem with stats counter below regen not updating even thought little circle made full 360 turn after which server should send update on the counter, but it stops doing that after "regen timer freeze"(explained above), so after tick server doesnt send you update on your ap change if there is no activity notification from your side
so both things get frozen, in short "soft idle mode" turns on

-possible fix
make server to comunicate back to clinet that tick happened if player isnt idle/logged off
or make it that it doesnt require to receive request from player in order to unfreeze timer, because it currently uses idle mode way of work hence this arrises

players might not experience/notice this in crowded area but if you are traveling in remote locations and have feeling for time, you will notice it and hate it

sorry for repeating myself a couple of times


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  • Root Admin

As i said in the PM, i spent a bit of time half fixing up the code, but at the time didnt have the appropiate time to properly fix it. Using timestamps rather than relative timing will make it better and thats planned for "soon"

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