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Musings of a fighting system


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Might be a discouragement to MP3 who attack an MP5, just to check, and get steamrolled with millions of damage.

Might lead to a game where some people can't participate in combat at all, due to being beyond any normal power levels.

In MP5, 'classes' would be 1-2 persons.


I think balance should be significantly more attractive, and honor-losses for attacking people who are off balance should be significantly higher.

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While the idea is nice, depending on the way stats influence honour people like Eon would end up unable to fight anyone.


MP3s being able to attack MP5s isn't a bad thing though, they should be able to learn soon enough who they can and who they can't attack safely. On the other hand, right now a common problem for MP3s is that they aren't able to attack anyone at all.

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>> stats the attacker/defender has (higher stats, classed as stronger, each stat has a weighting)


You started the stats and classes thing, you tell me what a class could be :P


Regardless of the details, how does the fighter who currently has the highest stats in the game gain honor? Can he attack people who are weaker than himself and gain honor?

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>>if each MP (3,4,5) can attack eachothers LOL what the ... then remove mp levels they will be of no use anymore.
>>maybe you could read forum past to remember why they where made and why restrictions where made ...

Firstly, the rude/sarcastic comment. If you want to make them leave this topic.


Secondarily, Why dont YOU go learn some history?


At first you were allowed to attack between mindpowers, it worked very well actually, the only problem was that those that reached higher mindpowers were normally stronger. At this time we had people in all mindpowers from 3 to 8. Later on the mindpowers, and attacking between them was limited to stop people farming new players.


So, i say to you in a sarcastic and frankly rude tone "maybe you could read forum past to remember why they where made and why restrictions where made ..."


Did you add an new rule, one cannot be sarcastic?  or simply that one cannot present an idea that is not of your liking or pointing an possible problem according to most in MD that are older than me and yourself also know it. it  seem


i put in red the part of your answer that i was adressing ... so it seem i was aware of the history is it not? how enabling each mp to attack each others will adress that?

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  • Root Admin

Topic deviated and closed.
Until certain members of the forum have learnt how to put forward their points politely and not troll a topic i will not be posting any ideas or plans before they are implemented, unless i am using specific private discussion groups who know how to present points properly. If MD doesnt know how to argue against a point nicely then what chance do new people suggesting things have? This is what i HATE about MD. The trolling culture.

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