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Rare stuff for sale

Muratus del Mur

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I'll be honest, don't see it as rude please

I want to buy myself a nice gift i put my eyes on :) Its a really expensive pocket knife i got obsessed with, its about 250$

..so i am putting up for sale some of the rare stuff i keep on my account. Normally i keep this stuff for rewards or for fundraisings in case MD needs it... but this time it is for my own selfish reason, you should know this before making your offer, this won't help MD it is just for me to get a Christmas present, really :))


Make your best offer for one or more of the following. All are naturally aged things on my account, stuff i am running out of slowly. I will wait a while to see if ny better offer comes in then i will pick those offers that summed up reach the ammount i need to buy this gift.



7th Anniv. Aramor  635 days old

Aramor - 8th Anniversary Edition 253 days old


i think these are among the very last ones i have (i will keep just one for my collection)


- Creature ID 401 ..for the collectors! It has 2338 days (King Many account)



And some things on my account i have too many, offer for the entire pack:


- A pack of 4 History of Elucubration items, 4 acoustic remains stones, 20 silver, 4 Halloween surprise boxes (i do not know what they do or if they are functional, ask arround!), One "Forbidden Tomato Soups" Cauldron recipe book, unwritten This last item i used for testing the cauldron when creating it, You will get it as it is, and you are welcome to fill it later with your own recipe names (but won't be a smooth process to do). It is more for historic reasons and for collection, don't consider it usable (however it is a real recipe book and would work as one if configured properly later)




Lets see ... pm me your offers, maybe i get to be the happy owner of this awesome knife :) Thank you




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Hmm....I don't have a paypal account and I don't want to make one right now (LOTS of reasons why) so do you have an account I can transfer some money to from my own bank account? And of course, would you accept such a payment method?

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  • Root Admin

Thank you all for your offers, both here and the ones in private... but i changed my mind :(


Somehow i started to feel realy terrible for making this post.


I won't die without that knife..and if you are willing to help with money, then you better keep it for fund raisings that help MD in cases when it needs or buy credits with it.


if you want to make someone a gift, then find out what chewy could want most and i will help too, he is the one that really deserves a gift in here, and he would never dare to sell md goods for getting something nice, like i did here.


Sorry for this :(


So consider this topic closed


ps; Dolomich, If i manage to get this gift myself i will post pictures with it for sure..but you can see it here http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fallkniven-FNFNGP-Knives-Folder-Knife-Gentlemans-Pocket-Knife-Laminated-Cobalt-S-/380804055564?pt=US_Knives_Tools&hash=item58a9b0c20c  

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