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Its an good bye

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Its an good bye

Taking an friend advice

will be probably back to see if confuse santa is there next cristmass

gonza, dont worry ill do what i said to to before taking that break


As an petty selfish ego, i wonder how many did like my "tommusic" , if you did you can post

bye bye

Tom Pouce
Activity days: 98% (A total of 664 out of 680 days)

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hmm, I don't know exactly what caused that disappointment of yours, Tom. We also havent been speaking ingame for a while, but it seems you got sad because you didn't meet Santa this year. Well, if it's the case, I just feel sorry that you are getting sad about such little details. Because MD is not about presents or Santas or ressources or creatures etc. MD for me is mostly about friends.


Santa has been here this year and maybe he has been even waiting for u, but time zone issues didn't allow you to meet each other. (yes, apparently Santas need to sleep as well, even thought this is a rather disappointing fact). Last year I missed all X-Mas presents because I wasn't online because of visiting a friend. Yes it's sad, but is it really a reason to leave?


I enjoyed your tommusic because it was nice and I know I am not alone. So tell me what reward did you expect here - a morph, a shade, a tainted, a 100 gold? Or maybe a joy that you bring to people with it costs much more than all that? Think about it before you leave.


Oh and one more thing - there always will be people who DON'T like what you do and say. No matter where you go and what you do. But instead of focusing on that, why just not concentrate on positive, look what you did good and do better next time.


Now it's your choice.


Happy New Year :)

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  • Root Admin

[quote name="Tom Pouce" post="148330" timestamp="1388542471"]
one give in is ownway, but is said to be greedy and selfish ... to not be content when the good dont come back around[/quote]Tom, Your numerous PM's complaining to me why you didnt get a creature, that you deserved one, and that its not fair did lead me to say you were selfish. Many people didnt get a creature from confused santa, As I told you I didnt either and I was there when he was giving them out, I didnt ask for one as I dislike begging.

If you are leaving because you didnt get a creature from confused santa, Then thats sad. I get quite cross when BFH, the council and I put so much effort into making Christmas fun and a couple of people complain that they didnt get what they wanted.

I am sorry to call you selfish, but those people who just complain that they didnt get a creature really infuriate me. We spent a lot of time and it boils down to you not getting your creature. Thats exceptionally ungrateful and yes, selfish and greedy. If thats your opinion then in my view, you dont deserve a christmas creature.

To sum it off, Yes, I was the mean person who called you selfish. I am sorry but your ungrateful nature and complete disregard for all the work we put it, to complain to me about not getting the creature made me upset and angry. I wish you the best and hope you reconsider leaving but am still annoyed that you complained so much about a free gift without thanking anyone for all the work they have put into making Christmas fun.

Edit: Final Comment:

I dont make this post to demean or insult, I make it because quite honestly a large proportion of MD apparently doesn't give a damn that there are people working really hard behind the scenes to produce all these events and keep them running. And this is not to get thanks either, all I would like people to do is have a little think before they complain about something rather than thinking entirely about themselves. Santa wasn't online 24x7. We are sorry, But did you know that santa was there quite a large chunk of time and he was, SPOILER, only played by two people this year(No, not me). Maybe after you have thought a little bit about the work that has went into getting this all ready you may start to see my viewpoint, Or maybe im just a bastard who hates everyone. Good Day MD, you never cease to amaze me.

Edited by Chewett
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  • Root Admin

I Edited the above post and am unsure if peolpe will see it, Bump for that.

Also, since Tom was unhappy he got nothing, I have offered him a morph from my account in payment for being the scapegoat of my fury at ungrateful people. Hopefully meaning he will not leave, since he got someone "back".

Edited by Chewett
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  • Root Admin

There was a confused santa also? Wasn't that meant for those who don't meet the active days requirement?

No, It has always been open to anyone but normally gave gifts to those that had done a lot for MD and didnt get anything good from the tree. E.g. Grido got a Scout or something from the tree and was gifted an additional gift from Santa. It is planned to largely remove the random element which can lead to those who are very active getting poor creatures this year.

As with all parts, its a gift NOT a right. Edited by Chewett
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I'm sorry to hear about your departure.  If this is over Christmas, are you sure you've got the right spirit for the holiday?  It's a time of giving...of love and kindness...-not- getting.


I didn't see Santa this year.  Am I sad about it?  Yes, but not because I didn't get something.  Because I get joy out of watching him give things to others. 


Is there a lot of greed and selfishness in MD?  Yes, but not from Chewett or the others that spend hours working on MD.  They really have a thankless job. 

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Wow.... That's all i can think of. I hope I'm reading this wrong and it's some other reason that you're leaving, not because of a murmas present you didn't get. I sat there all morning at the GoE and watched confused santa hand out gifts to people, and yes, it's my own fault I didn't get one (because I'm not a "me next" kinda person), but I was more than happy to be amused at just sitting and watch others scramble and clamor to be "next". Yeah, sure, it may be a bit of a disadvantage in a way, because i don't have the coolest or neatest or most powerful stuff, but i'll get mine my own way in due time.


Good luck to where ever you chose to go from here Tom.

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